TORONTO, ONTARIO (August 23, 2007) -- Septagon Studios is proud to announce the official release of Scorn #2 at the Toronto Fan Expo, in Toronto from August 23-26, marking the hotly-awaited second issue in a new miniseries that has been widely anticipated since its incarnation from creators Kevin Moyers (Machined) and Philipp Neundorf (Runes of Ragnan).

The FAN EXPO CANADA has evolved into a spectacular multimedia event with prestigious acclaim. The rapid growth of FAN EXPO CANADA continues, as the 2006 edition welcomed over 42,000 attendees, making it the third largest event of its kind in North America.

"Scorn #1 offers an evocative twist on the traditional revenge tale. While the story appears straight-forward -- young man seeks to avenge the death of a loved one -- in its execution, Scorn is anything but clichéd. The art is wistful and surreal yet, at the same time, primal and urgent. You taste the blood in your mouth as you feel the earth disappear from beneath your feet. It washes over you like a troubled, sepia-colored dream."
--Brian Holguin (writer, Image Comics' ARIA and SPAWN: GODSLAYER)

"We are very pleased to finally unveil Scorn, our debut comic book," said Nicola Defina, president of Septagon Studios. "It's been a long process, with a great amount of hard work and patience. It will truly be a reward to see Scorn in stores, at conventions, and into the hands of fans and readers."

The series revolves around 19-year-old Michael Riggs, who witnesses the murder of his best friend at the hand of notorious gang leader Robert Torres. Michael becomes obsessed, and nothing can stop him on his vicious and bloody rampage of vigilante justice.

After saving one life and ending several others, Michael is now a fugitive. While he hunts Torres, two of Chicago's finest hunt for him. Detectives Keane and Rice are hot on Michael's bloody trail, but will they get to him before it's too late?

Scorn is a full-color bi-monthly miniseries and is priced at $3.75. Readers who pre-order issue #2 online via will also receive issue #1 for free.

SCORN #2: RAGE is now available for pre-order in a number of ways:
--It can be pre-ordered directly from the Septagon Studios Web site.
--Retailers can also e-mail for bulk, discounted orders and retailer incentives.
--Scorn is available through Amazon: for issue #1 and for issue #2.
--Scorn will now also be distributed by Baker & Taylor. When ordering from Baker & Taylor, customers should use either the ISBN or title. The ISBN numbers for the books are:

Scorn #1
ISBN-10: 097396670X
ISBN-13: 978-0973966701

Image from Amazon
Scorn #1 Obsessed
by Kevin Moyers, Preston Park Cooper, Philipp S. Neundorf

Scorn #2
ISBN-13: 978-0973966718
ISBN-10: 0973966718

Image from Amazon
Scorn #2 Rage
by Kevin Moyers, Preston Park Cooper, Philipp S. Neundorf

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