June 26th, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - BOOM! Studios is proud to announce that SFX, one of the world's leading magazines for sci-fi and fantasy, has rated Johanna Stokes' STATION miniseries 4 out of 5 stars. STATION, with art by newcomer Leno Carvalho, is the creation of Johanna Stokes, writer of the Sci-Fi Channel's runaway hit TV show EUREKA. She penned fan-favorite episodes "Right as Raynes" and "Purple Haze."

"This is a screenplay-like fare, a movie waiting to happen," said SFX. "The dialogue is tight, and the tension-building occurs almost through osmosis - you know something bad's coming. Characters are established subtly, and when the murder takes place, it's visually evocative."

"STATION is a series where I got to take the mystery genre literally to new heights...220 miles above the surface of the Earth, to be specific," Stokes said. "It's always scary going out on a limb like that, but I'm glad I did! It thrills me as a writer to continue to hear rave reviews from fans and critics. The rest of the series will not disappoint!"

Stokes is familiar to fans of BOOM! Studios' work, having written MR. STUFFINS, DEATH VALLEY, and SAVAGE BROTHERS. Stokes has also contributed to BOOM!'s acclaimed anthology books PIRATE TALES, ZOMBIE TALES, and CTHULHU TALES. STATION continues her whirlwind career with BOOM!.

The entire review is available to read at http://blog.boom-studios.net/.

STATION #1 is slated for release July 2nd of 2008.

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