Marvel is proud to announce that J. Michael Straczynski and Esad Ribic’s Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 (of 4) will be going back to print with a new variant cover featuring Esad Ribic’s stunning interior art. The first amazing issue retold the origin of Marvel’s premiere cosmic nomad, and puts him face-to-face with his own mortality, an enemy that even he may not be able to defeat.

The critics can’t stop raving about this Marvel Knights limited series, with Richard George of deeming Silver Surfer: Requiem a “must have,” saying “If this first issue is any indication, we have the start of a modern Marvel classic.”

Adam Chapman of called Strazynski’s writing “intensely intimate and emotional” and says Esad Ribic’s art is “awe-inspiring,” going on to say, “This is an absolutely amazing book. It’s just flat-out incredible. The artwork is jaw-dropping, and the writing captures the Silver Surfer in a way that Stan Lee would be most proud of.”’s Quinton Peeples echoed the sentiment, declaring this opening chapter to be, “deep and beautiful,” adding, “The Surfer is dying… Reed and Sue’s emotion at this discovery is one of the most moving passages I’ve ever seen.”

With Silver Surfer making headlines all over the world and the continued success of the Marvel Knights imprint (in the tradition of Spider-Man: Reign), Marvel advises retailers to check their orders on Silver Surfer: Requiem #2. When the Surfer meets Spider-Man, the two discuss the trial and tribulations of their heroic journeys, in an emotional story that fans won’t soon forget!

SILVER SURFER: REQUIEM #2 (of 4) (APR072331)
Art and Cover by ESAD RIBIC
Rated T+ …$3.99