Fantastic Four 275 featuring She-Hulk for Smashing She-Hulk Art by Patrick BainFantastic Four 275

She's Smart, She's Strong, She's She-Hulk.  And...She's selling, just not seashells on the seashore.  It's well documented that She-Hulk's place in the Marvel Media Universe is expanding. Even here at GoCollect, bloggers are skipping down that green, brick road.  If you are looking for hot She-Hulk comics, I suggest: 2020 Speculation: She-Hulk #1 vs Avengers Annual #10 by Ryan Kirksey, Post D23: Savage She-Hulk #1 by Matt Tuck, and Fan Favorite: Sensational She-Hulk #1 by Norman Robinson III.  On the other hand, you may be curious about the Disney+ tie-in.  Then consider She-Hulk is Coming Up by Matthew Williams.  For me, I'm wondering what the media buzz will do to the prices for original art.  Are we at the beginning of smashing new prices for She-Hulk art?

Going Green Isn't Just for Tree Huggers

Fantastic Four 275 Original Art by John ByrneFantastic Four 275  Page 19 Original Art by John Byrne

If going green means more about your bank account than your solar panels, have I got some original art for you.  During John Byrne's run on Fantastic Four, She-Hulk was definitely not a fifth wheel.  This first featured art hails from Fantastic Four 275.  It is a humorous page that illustrates "sleazy guys should NOT mess with She-Hulk."  I don't need to go into the salacious details, the comic book cover tells it all.

John Byrne art is always white hot for new X-Men.  Fantastic Four Byrne art sells more modestly.  Though Byrne's cover for FF #256 sold for about $61K in 2014, FF #275 page 19 shouldn't cost too much green.  Pictured here, the art should fetch a price similar to Fantastic Four 280 Page 15--some truly smashing She-Hulk art that sold for over five thousand dollars.  Or on the lower end, it may sell like Fantastic Four 286 Page 2 that fetched $2,629.  In that page, She-Hulk shared a placid moment with her Fantastic Four teammates.  Page 19 is part of HA's November Signature Auction.

Even More Smashing She-Hulk Art

Sensational She-Hulk 13 by Dale KeownSensational She-Hulk 13 Cover Art by Dale Keown

Cranking things up a little bit, the cover of Sensational She-Hulk 13 also comes to auction Nov 19-22 at HA.  Dale Keown penciled this She-Hulk cover along with many excellent Hulk covers.  Recent Hulk cover sales for Keown art ranged from $20K to over $30K.  His only other She-Hulk cover sale through HA fetched about eight thousand dollars in 2018.  I expect Sensational She-Hulk 13 cover art to exceed that sales price.

Though She-Hulk appears to be more fashion than savage in her current incarnation, that wasn't always the case.  Going back to 1980-1981, the Savage She-Hulk reigned.  While today she dresses like a runway model, back then She-Hulk appeared wild-eyed and badly in need of a Stitch Fix consultant.

Savage She-Hulk 7Savage She-Hulk 7 from 1980

Less Green for More Art

For She-Hulk art fans and speculators on a budget, consider Savage She-Hulk 21 cover art.  Long-time pro Al Milgrom penciled and inked the cover from 1981.  Though older than the pages by Byrne and Keown, Milgrom's cover art will probably sell for less than the Keown cover.  It may even sell for less than the Byrne panel page.  If you love the character, I would recommend getting a cover rather than panel art if similarly priced.  However, artists reign supreme.  John Byrne is a huge name name.  Dale Keown also has big sales under his belt.  If Al Milgrom's cover sale exceeds $13,000 that would be a good sign of demand for She-Hulk art.

Savage She-Hulk 21 Art by Al MilgromSavage She-Hulk 21 Art by Al Milgrom

Whether you are a lawyer, a seven foot tall green superhero, or something in between, it's always good to buy your collectibles before the gold (or in this case, green) rush.  She-Hulk art is poised to be big!