Collected issues 31-34 and the Sojourn Prequel of Greg Land and Justin Ponsor’s gorgeous panels reveal Arwyn and her companions visit to amazing new places on the journey to Skarnheim and throughout the Five Kingdoms. Ian Edginton’s story line is classic good versus evil, life versus death, freedom versus slavery;with love, hate, honor, justice, revenge, betrayal, rage, murder and magic as we find that the allies and the enemies have more than a few things in common. Sojourn with us.

Sojourn is a classic fantasy epic, telling the story of Arwyn whose husband and daughter were killed by Mordarth, the Evil Lord of the planet Quin. To get her revenge and kill the Evil Lord, Arwyn must collect five fragments of a magic arrow -- the only thing that can kill him. Her quest for the fragments sends her on a journey across five lands of a mystical world, inhabited by trolls, dragons and sorcerers.

Created by Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade), Sojourn was originally published by CrossGen, in August 2001, and ran for 35 issues, including a prequel. CrossGen released four trade paperback volumes before the company fell victim to bankruptcy. At the time of the original comics release, Sojourn was their most popular title. Sojourn still has fans participating on the Internet and speculating about how the series would end.

Sojourn Vol. 6 A Berserkers Tale TPB

Sojourn V6 Berserker’s Tale by Chuck Dixon and Ian Edgington

$17.95, ISBN-10 1-933160-73-1 ISBN-13 978-1-933160-72-6, 172 pages, full color, Fall 2007