MAMARONECK, NY – July 9, 2007

Sonic The Hedgehog has achieved something few comic book characters from the 1990s have: his title has survived for over a dozen years! Why? Chalk it up to a fiercely loyal fan base (comprised of a surprising number of adults in addition to children) who take their hero as seriously as fans of Star Trek! The comic books offer fans adventures which go beyond the video games and animated cartoons to expand the Sonic universe-- and the personalities of the characters who populate it.

Likewise, Sabrina the Teenage Witch has seen her fan base expand due to the current handling of her comic book series. When the look of the series switched to a manga art style under the creative guidance of artist Tania del Rio, the tone of the series’ stories also changed, with del Rio serving double-duty as the writer. Adapting the complex, serialized nature of traditional Japanese manga stories and their penchant for more developed characters and relationships, Sabrina’s fan are always anxious to see the next installment in her saga.

Now, the excitement and intrigue the fans have come to expect from both Sonic and Sabrina is heightened in a pair of issues that find our heroes’ worlds in complete upheaval! Can the heroic hedgehog and winsome witch survive the latest challenges that are hurtling their way? Pick up these issues and find out!


"Shattered Lives": It's a bold new direction for Sabrina, just as her life is shattered into a million pieces! Her long time love has had his memories wiped due to her mistake. Tensions are on the rise with her friends and family. The "Four Blades" organization's plan to overthrow the corrupt magic Queen is progressing quicker than anyone expects. Sabrina is devastated by infighting and sabotaged by a traitor. But her seemingly never-ending magical abilities keep improving, making her possibly one of the most powerful magicians ever... and a target of some of the nastiest beings in the Magic Realm! As if that weren't enough, her cat Salem is going out on more dates than Sabrina! How long before real magic is back in Sabrina's life? SCRIPT: Tania Del Rio. ART: Tania Del Rio & Jim Amash. Life's an illusion cover by Tania del Rio (pencils) & Jim Amash (inks)!

On sale Diamond October 31
On sale Newsstand November 13
32-page, full color comic, $2.25 US.


"Rising Evil - Enerjak Reborn!": The demolition starts here, with super-powered villain Enerjak wrecking havoc on Angel Island! Our heroes are readying their defenses while Sonic and Tails race against time to find the still missing Knuckles! Can they find him, or did Enerjak get to him first? PLUS: "Undone": You'll shudder at the shocking origin of this new Enerjak... if your nerves are strong enough to handle it! SCRIPT: Ian Flynn. ART: Tracy Yardley (pencils) & Jim Amash (inks). Earth-shattering cover by Tracy Yardley!

On sale Diamond October 24

On sale Newsstand November 6

32-page, full color comic, $2.25 US.