In November, 2006, Archie Comics offered Sonic readers both new and old the opportunity to relive the earliest adventures of their favorite hero with the release of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #1. A second volume followed in December, with a third slated for May. Reactions are in and everyone agrees: this new classic reprint series is a hit! Fans are jumping at the chance to travel back in time to where it all began. Back in 1993, Sonic the Hedgehog sped his way from video games to comic books. Almost 200 issues later, "the blue blur" can lay claim to having the most successful comic book career of all video game heroes. Now, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES, a thrilling series of upscale reprints, lets you revisit Sonic’s early days in a premium yet affordable format.

Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol 3 TPB

These special 5 x 7 & ½ inch editions contain 112 action-packed pages, faithfully re-colored and printed on superior stock, with a low cover price of only $7.49 US! Picking up where the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #3 left off (which reprinted the original Sonic series issues #9 through #12), SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #4 brings fans these classic tales from issues #13 through #16 – including the first appearance of Knuckles the Echidna!:

* “This Island Hedgehog” (issue #13): This thrilling adaptation of the “Sonic 3” Sega game introduced Knuckles the Echidna, who is tricked into thinking Sonic and Tails are after the Chaos Emeralds!
* “Space in your Face!” (issue #13): It’s a dastardly scheme of cosmic proportions when Robotnik plans to launch his roboticizing Robostorm device into orbit!
* “Tails’ Taste of Power” (issue #14): An accidental taste of forbidden fruit turns Tails into a bona fide genius… until the effect wears off!
* “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (issue #14): A shopping spree at the mall rings up trouble when Robotnik plants booby-traps for Sally and Bunnie.
* “Rockin’ the ‘Bot” (issue #15): Sonic receives three magic stones from a frog he has rescued, but is skeptical of their powers… until those powers come into play in combat against Robotnik and his all-terrain Beetlebot!
* “What’s the Big Idea” (issue #15): As Rotor works on his latest project, his friends recall past failed experiments.
* “Animal Magnetism” (issue #15): Robtnik’s sinister Magnabot device is designed to literally attract the metallic Bunnie Rabbott into his clutches!
* “Sonic Under Glass” (issue #16): Luring our heroes to Sleepy Hollow, Robotnik traps them beneath a virtual reality glass dome where all their fantasies come true… but if Robotnik has his way, there won’t be a happy ending!
* “The Man from H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G.” (issue #16): Convinced there is a spy in his midst foiling all his schemes by tipping off the Freedom Fighters, Robotnik invents the “Wheel of Misfortune” to perpetrate random attacks!

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #4, ships 6/6. 112-page, full color paperback, $7.49 US. SCRIPTS: Mike Gallagher, Angelo DeCesare, Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders. ART: Dave Manak & Art Mawhinney. Colossal cover by Spaz!

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Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 1
by Mike Gallagher, Dave Manak

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Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 2
by Mike Gallagher, Angelo DeCesare, Dave Manak