Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews

Star Wars Clone Wars #1 of 6
Dark Horse Comics
Gilroy, Hepburn & Parsons

This is review is going to be driven by the classic battle of expectations. I had a set of expectations for this comic and it was probably unfair and, therefore, I felt slightly disappointed with the comic. The hope is that this is just the opening issue and the story will unfold as the series goes on. As with the Rebellion series, this comic uses very familiar characters but something just didn’t seem to click with me between the story flow or plot or presentation or something. I just felt that it lacked the overall feel I was looking for from this comic.

The story is simple enough. Dooku takes a neutral planet, imposes his will on it, and helps to use it as a pawn to lure the Republic into a trap. Enter the Jedi to find out what the story is. Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka with an army of clones.

The remainder of the issue is spent with the Jedi trying to unravel what happened on this planet. Obi-Wan goes from negotiator to prisoner to manipulator with the supposed leader of the takeover. Meanwhile, Anakin shows Ahsoka the ropes of how to be a headstrong hero who charges in without a care.

The issue has a thin plot with a lot of questions. Most of them will likely get dealt with in subsequent issues. The second half of the comic has plenty of action with highlights surrounding Obi-Wan trash talking and using some mind tactics on his enemy. Beyond that not much else happens.

Some of the items I found a little frustrating was the lack of introduction of some of the characters, like Ahsoka or the villain. I understand they might play bigger roles in later issues but I would have liked something up front. I also didn’t like how the art set a cartoon-like mood. I understand this isn’t supposed to be as dark as the Republic series, but this is a war nonetheless. I found too many panels to lack any sort of background in them as well. I also didn’t think Anakin had his own unique voice. His lines just didn’t feel like he would say them.

On the other hand, I felt Obi-Wan was perfectly portrayed. I also found the new characters fairly intriguing despite the fact that I didn’t know much about them. So, this issue gave me mixed feelings.

As a whole, I felt a little let down from the issue, but I plan to pick up the series. I have a feeling the story as a whole will pick up speed quickly. As for this issue I would pick it up and expect some light action, light plot and more of just setting the pieces in place.

3 out of 5 geek goggles