Star Wars One Sheet Poster by Artist Drew Struzan imaged by Heritage Auctions

Back to the Future, Raiders of  the Lost Ark, Big Trouble in Little China, even Adventures in Babysitting... so many great films, all with Drew Struzan illustrated posters.  Artist Drew Struzan captivated film audiences with his Star Wars poster.  (Let's give kudos to Charles White III as well.)  Though best known for Star Wars, his works have impacted a wide spectrum of the industry.  Certainly, his artistry has touched science fiction, adventure, comedy, and even Grade B movies with his early works.

Star Wars (20th Century Fox, 1977). One Sheet (27" X 41") Style D, Drew Struzan and Charles White III Sold for $2,880 in 2020.

Blown Away by Drew Struzan's Body of Work

Big Trouble in Little China imaged by Heritage Auctions, HA.comFirst, I was blown away to learn about this artist that had created so many iconic posters. Like you, I've walked and gawked around the theatre before and after a movie to see all the posters.  And don't tell me you haven't posed for a picture next to a 3-D diorama as if you were there!  Drew Struzan illustrated dozens of those memory-evoking images.

Goonies 1985 Film Poster by Drew Struzan imaged by Heritage Auctions, HA.comBefore going on, I want to direct you to Struzan's website.  In the first twenty-five posters alone, Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford, Elisabeth Shue, John Cusack, Karl Malden, and the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin all pop off the screen.  But isn't that what the studios wanted to make their big budget blockbuster stand out!

Posters from cult favorites like Big Trouble in Little China and Goonies garner nice prices when available.  Recent sales ranged from around $300 to $600 for these (rolled, high grade, one-sheet 27'' x 41")

More from the Poster Artist of Star Wars

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by Drew Struzan imaged by Heritage Auctions, HA.comIn the category of greatest movie franchises, Star Wars rates number one.  But, who could despise Indiana Jones or Marty McFly?  In addition to his accomplishments as a Star Wars poster artist, Struzan portrayed the faces of each of those other franchises with glorious larger than life realism.

Back To the Future imaged by Heritage Auctions, HA.comFor me, I loved the clever transition of Struzan's Back to the Future posters where each part added to the next showing the continuity of the films.  Recent sales for Marty McFly at Heritage range wildly for Part 1.  A November sale topped $2,500.  Several sales during the year fell more in the $800 range.  Some sold cheaper where condition may have played a role.  Based simply on description I can't determine what created such wild price swings.  If there is a poster professional out there, please add your expertise to the commentary.  Part II and Part III posters sell in the $200 and $100 range, respectively.

Did You Say This Artist Worked On Star Wars?

Revenge of the Jedi by Star Wars Poster Artist Drew Struzan.jpg

Do you remember the movie that began with the awesome sequence of Luke Skywalker showboating his Jedi skills and freeing Han Solo from Jabba the Hut? Then the movie ended with those funny little critters the Ewoks. That was called Revenge of the Jedi, right?  Apparently not, but the in-demand posters from the 1983 film all use that title.  As you know, when released producers named the movie RETURN of the JediRevenge posters run around $2,000.  However, Return of the Jedi posters from 1997 and Revenge of the Sith posters from 2005 can be obtained for around $100 or less.  Of course, Star Wars posters from 1997 correspond to the twentieth anniversary special editions.

Original Art or Posters

Star Wars Special Edition imaged by Heritage Auctions, HA.comMany times when I discuss original art, some examples are limited to millionaire owners while others are great for the more modest collector.  In the case of Drew Struzan originals, I haven't seen any sales prices.  Hopefully some experts can point us to some for curiosity sake.  I'm wondering if they are in museums or safely locked away in Struzan's vaults.  The nice thing is the posters have tremendous aesthetic appeal.  Some rare versions sell for phenomenal prices, but most are accessible by the ordinary collector who just loves films.  So, if like me you can't get into the original art ballpark, the posters represent a lot nicer view than simply peeking in through a knothole in the fence.

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Comic Book Credits

Action Comics 800 with Drew Struzan Self PortraitFinally, Drew Struzan illustrated a few comic book covers as well.  Star Wars: Darth Maul features his cover art.  Check out the first four painted covers at GoCollect.  But I like the artwork for Action Comics #800.  Struzan snuck a self-portrait in the corner of the art.  As an acclaimed Hollywood artist with credits outside the comic book industry, I believe the few comics with Struzan art will benefit from his larger audience of fans.