Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews

Superman #681
DC Comics
Robinson, Guedes & Magalhaes

This issue was the second in the New Krypton arc and I felt it took a big step back from the launch into the arc from last issue. It’s not a bad issue at all, but I just felt it took a big breath and got a whole lot slower in its story telling. I wasn’t a fan of the artwork as a style but it also didn’t ruin the read for me. It was just a very average comic in what should be an extra special arc. I’m expecting more.

The issue starts out with the Daily Planet gang discussing the new story of the year: 100,000 Kryptonians living on Earth. Lois is dispatched to meet the delegation that’s rendezvousing in Metropolis. Personally I felt the interaction among the characters was under used in this sequence, but the point was decently put across.

Next up Superman is confronted by some other heroes about the prospect of all the other Kryptonians now on Earth. I didn’t like this scene at all. First off, wouldn’t they already know Superman enough to know he isn’t going to see the worst in people? Secondly, what is Superman going to do now even if he was concerned with the prospect of things going wrong? For me, the conversation had little effect or purpose. Wouldn’t it have been more interesting if the heroes met without Superman and pondered the question of how to kill the Kryptonians if they get out of hand?

The bulk of the remainder of the issue is the introduction of some key Kandor citizens to the Bush-look-a-like President before a villain returns for the cliffhanger ending.

My favorite scene was with Ma Kent and it barely had any dialogue. I felt it captured the underlying feeling that Pa is in fact dead. It was a good couple of pages.

I felt the whole issue had too much of a build up to the introduction to the fake Bush. I just thought it dragged on too long and too slowly. I would have liked to see more insight into how the citizens picked who they picked to represent Kandor. Also, I felt it didn’t make a ton of sense that diplomacy would have been ahead of the press. Wouldn’t it make more sense that the tabloids would have been in the city of Kandor immediately? The issue just seemed off to me.

The artwork didn’t really do it for me. I felt the coloring was too light and seemed to present every scene as if someone was in a dream sequence. Also, I wasn’t thrilled with the depictions of the JLA members. The highlight was the visitor that Ma Kent gets. An excellent piece of art with excellent direction.

This issue slowed down the blow out opening to the arc. It’s a good issue but it had some big shoes to fill. The seeds are planted for the Kryptonians to get angry with the people of Earth. The arc is going to ramp up eventually and it will be worth reading these breather issues.

3 out of 5 geek goggles