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Superman New Krypton Special #1
DC Comics
Johns, Robinson, Gates, Woods, Frank, Guedes, Sibal and Magalhaes

This issue is fantastic. It may start off the big crossover called “New Krypton” but this is an excellent standalone issue. I highly recommend this comic. It has terrific art, some drama, some plot threads open up and a return from the “dead”.

The issue opens with the funeral for Pa Kent. It’s touching, but it is done so without any dialogue which is interesting. The art conveys all the emotions that are required for the drama. What also sets this apart from other funeral scenes is the violence that Superman daydreams about doing to Brainiac. It’s pretty effective when it could have easily come off as out of place. Superman also spends some time thinking about his past with his father, adding to the real life feel this all had.

The bulk of the remainder of the issue has two threads happening at once. Superman interacts with his fellow Kryptonians that are now free from Kandor. At the same time a group of villains begin to plot Superman’s devise. Some of which are from way back and others not so much.

The issue is excellent. It has a higher cover price, but the padded page count and excellent story make up for it. The issue really does an excellent job of establishing the problems that will occur with all the Kryptonians and their new found powers on Earth. We see how Superman tries to inform his Uncle of what the status quo is on Earth and how utterly dismissive the Uncle is with regard to understanding his nephew’s adopted home.

The issue also brings in the Earthly villains and their schemes to take down the man of steel. This collection of bad guys actually feels daunting for Superman when they combine forces. The arc is long, but it appears it will have a great group of characters to take the story to its apex.

The art is excellent. The funeral captures the death of Pa transposed nicely with the season of fall. Kandor and all its splendor looks well designed and brilliant. The various Kryptonians appear to be half painted in my copy which is a shame. I am pretty sure I just picked up an errant issue.

This comic launches what looks to be a terrific arc about Superman dealing with his birth race essentially invading Earth for better or worse. It adds in character interactions with Ma Kent, Lois and others to keep things anchored. Did I forget to mention someone returns from the dead? You may want to check on that one.

5 out of 5 geek goggles