UPDATE: Thanks to faithful ComicList fan Keith Gailliard, I discovered my "solution" fixed the javascript problem, but created a new problem for users of versions of Internet Explorer older than 7.0. I believe I have fixed the new issue now. If you are still having any issues with the site, please click on "Contact Us" and send me a message. Thanks, Keith!

A recent survey response stated:

Just wanted to know if something has changed on your side - when I try to access the weekly updated comic list, the php script hangs and pegs out my IE process. This has been going on a for a few weeks. I thought maybe I'm the only one having trouble, but it's happened on a couple of different PCs besides mine. Very weird.

No, you weren't the only one. It turned out not to be a PHP error, but a javascript error, caused by the AnyLink Drop Down Menu. Once I removed that javascript, all seems to be fine. Thanks for the heads up!