I was going to wait until this weekend for another episode of "Survey Says," but I wanted to address a common concern a little bit sooner, the navigation of this site:

The site format. It is hard to navigate, hard to read, and slow.

Layout of the website, little hard for me to navigate and find what I want.

Too much stuff on one page!!! Loads slowly. Needs to be broken apart some more.

This one absolutely confuses me. When I compare this site to other comic book sites, I find it faster and easier to navigate. When I've run online optimization tests, comparing ComicList to sites like Newsarama, I have "less stuff" on one page, and the pages load faster. I'll try to post some data tonight.

However, right now, I have a challenge for anyone who finds the navigation confusing. Post a comment to this message with the URL of a site you find easy to navigate. I appreciate that some of you find the tabs across the top of the page bewildering, but only knowing that doesn't help either of us. I need to see the kind of navigation you prefer. I thank you!