Papercutz’ Tales from the Crypt #1, which revived the legendary EC Comics horror comic book, has sold out its entire 25,000-copy print run.

The issue, which shipped in June, is the first of an ongoing, bi-monthly series from the publisher of the popular Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys comics. The issue includes:

• “Artistic License,” by horror author Marc Bilgrey (H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror) and Mr. Exes (Abra Cadaver). Two nosy, somewhat murderous neighbors discover the shocking inspiration for Jack Kroll’s outsider artwork.

• “For Serious Collectors Only,” by Rob Vollmar (Bluesman) and Steve Mannion (Batman). Thomas Donalley—a middle-aged action-figure collector who lives in his mom’s basement—goes a little too far to get an ultra-rare Japanese figure.

• Introductory pages featuring the GhouLunatics by writer Jim Salicrup and artist Rick Parker (Beavis and Butt-Head).

• Cover by award-winning artist Kyle Baker (Birth of a Nation, Plastic Man, Why I Hate Saturn).

Future issues will include stories by Fred Van Lente (Marvel Adventures), Xeric Grant winner Neil Kleid, Stefan Petrucha (The Shadow of Frankenstein, Papercutz’ NANCY DREW), Don McGregor (Zorro), Sho Murase (NANCY DREW), and other great talents. Each issue is 48 full-color pages for an affordable $3.95.

Tales From The Crypt #2

Tales From The Crypt #3