Dynamite Continues Terminator: Infinity Series in July

May 25, RUNNEMEDE, NJ - Dynamite Entertainment announced today the details concerning the second futuristic issue of their all-new Terminator 2 comic book series. Scheduled for a July release, TERMINATOR 2 #2 features the electrifying writing talents of Simon (Transformers) Furman and the incredible art of Nigel (Battlestar Galactica) Raynor, with covers by Nigel Raynor, Stjepan (Darkness, Savage Tales) Sejic and Pat Lee! Also, Terminator 2 fans should ask their retailer about the special "Cyberdyne Silver Foil" edition of Terminator 2 #2, featuring the art of Pat Lee!

Terminator 2 Infinity #1

Terminator 2 Infinity #2

Dynamite's new TERMINATOR 2 series continues the intense futuristic vision of a post apocalyptic world dominated by cybernetic killing machines and the struggles of the opposing human resistance. The series features all-new stories starring the popular characters from the blockbuster Terminator 2 film, as well some all all-new, all-deadly creations,such as the never-before-seen Terminator Infinity! In Dynamite's opening TERMINATOR 2 event, "Trial by Fire", Skynet sets out to destroy the Terminators in the past to preserve their (mostly) human free future!

Dynamite stated: "As Sarah Connor noted in the T2, ‘the future is not set' - and it is with that revolutionary statement in mind that writer Simon Furman and artist Nigel Raynor are able offer fans a very nasty and unpredictable taste of events to come. Fans know the back-story, and that allows our creative team to really crank up the action and revelations and present the genuine desperation of young John Connor as he struggles to survive with the fledgling human resistance!"

DYNAMITE PRESENTS TERMINATOR 2 #2 (MAY07 3346) By Simon Furman (Writer), Nigel Raynor (Artist) and PAT LEE, STJEPAN SEJIC; AND NIGEL RAYNOR (Cover Artists)

He said he'll be back and DYNAMITE'S got him - only it's not just the T-800 that's stalking the pages in Dynamite's all new Terminator comic book series, but the T-1000 and the all-new T-Infinity!

Things heat up as the T-Infinity continues on its quest to cleanse the timeline and start fresh on its quest to rid the world of the human race! Meanwhile, John Connor and his new T-800 "friend" Uncle Bob, begin to assemble the rag-tag survivor's into an army of resistors - but if the human's find out Bob's a Terminator, things are going to go from bad to worse!

Dynamite's all new T2 comics are again brought to you by the first and last name of all things robotic - writer Simon Furman along with artist Nigel (BATTLESTAR Galactica) Raynor and cover artist Nigel Raynor, Stjepan (Darkness, Savage Tales) Sejic and Pat Lee!

Also Available: - TERMINATOR 2: INFINITY #2 - CYBERDYNE SILVER FOIL COVER ($24.99) (MAY07 3348)


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