In 2002 Garth Ennis, Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti introduced the superhero community to the world's first superhuman prostitute, THE PRO. Since then the graphic novel has been reprinted multiple times with the latest edition immediately selling out at the distribution level.

"THE PRO helped put a spotlight on Amanda and was the first time I was really cut loose on superheroes," said series writer Garth Ennis. "We're not entirely surprised by the continued interest in the book given where our careers have taken us since."

Originally published in prestige format, THE PRO was subsequently published in an oversized hardcover, both of which went out of print until the recent softcover repackaging. Soon after the new edition's release, the entire run sold through with a reprint already in the works.

THE PRO (JUL071936), a 72-page full color graphic novel with a cover price of $7.99, is currently available for reorder.

The Pro