Spider-Man Hub

For over 40 years, Spider-Man’s been one of comics most beloved heroes. With a new movie on the way, major events transpiring in the comics and big things on the horizon, we’ve built the place for Spidey info on the web. Check it out.

Spider-Man 3 Videos

Whether you want trailers, extended clips or behind-the-scenes videos from Spider-Man 3, Marvel.com has it all. And come back often, as our videos are updated regularly.

Spider-Man 3 Toys

Hasbro’s unleashing their first wave of Spider-Man 3 toys into the wild this weekend! Get the full lineup with images, info on rare exclusives and more.

Spider-Man: Back in Black

The big screen isn’t the only place you’ll find Spidey wearing his fan-favorite black and white outfit. Back in Black sees Spidey donning the dark costume through July. We’ve got a gallery of all the issues, a checklist of what’s to come and more.

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