PR: Hey Comics Fans,

TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS closes out the celebration of its Tenth Anniversary in publishing with some really cool holiday website incentives for our 2007 line. Until the end of November, we’re offering the following giveaways at

To go directly to the list of incentives on the website (and ordering page) just click here, or read below:


-- A FREE COPY of the TOP SHELF SEASONAL SAMPLER! (to the first 100 fans who take advantage of this sale, as we only have 100 copies left)

-- Purchase Jeff Lemire’s GHOST STORIES and get a free TALES FROM THE FARM!

-- Purchase Matt Kindt’s SUPER SPY and get a free MEPHISTO!

-- Purchase Jeffrey Brown’s INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS and get a free FEEBLE ATTEMPTS!

-- Purchase James Kochalka’s AMERICAN ELF (BOOK 1) and get a free BOOK 2!

-- Purchase James Kochalka’s SUPER F*CKERS #3 and #4 and get free copies of #1 and #2!

-- Purchase Renee French’s THE TICKING and get a free MICROGRAPHICA!

-- Purchase Jeremy Tinder’s CRY YOURSELF TO SLEEP and get a free BLACK GHOST APPLE FACTORY!

-- Purchase David Yurkovich’s DEATH BY CHOCOLATE and get a free LESS THAN HEROES!

-- Purchase Nicolas Mahler’s LONE RACER and get a free VAN HELSING’S NIGHT OFF!

-- Purchase Christian Slade’s KORGI (BOOK 1) and get a free OWLY (VOL 4) by Andy Runton!

-- Purchase Alex Robinson’s LOWER REGIONS and get a free YEARBOOK STORIES by Chris Staros!

-- Purchase Aleksandar Zograf’s REGARDS FROM SERBIA and get a free FOX BUNNY FUNNY by Andy Hartzell!

-- Purchase Alan Moore’s LOST GIRLS and get a free copy of THE MIRROR OF LOVE!

To go directly to the list of incentives on the website (and ordering page), just click here:
*PLEASE NOTE that the website won’t mention the free books at check out, so just order the books you want to order, and we’ll be sure to include the freebies that are paired with them. Sale ends November 30th!
*PLEASE NOTE that this sale is good for "direct market" retailers as well, and comic book shops will get their wholesale discount on top of these sale offers. Certain minimums apply, so retailers please email us for details.

It's a great time to load up on all those ‘07 graphic novels you've wanted to try, but just never got around to picking up. So use these incentives to try something new. You won't be disappointed.

And as ever, thanks for your support over these ten years. We wouldn't be here today without you!

Your friend thru comics,

Chris Staros
Top Shelf Productions
PO Box 1282
Marietta, GA 30061-1282

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