Monday, October 6, 2008 - On the heels of the first trade paperback shipping in October, Top Cow Productions, Inc. is excited to continue to publish Impaler in a new ongoing series that launches in December, written by William Harms and drawn by British newcomer Matt Timson (Popgun).

After seeing the potential in the property based on the story in the Impaler Vol. 1 trade paperback (Diamond item no. AUG082292), Top Cow quickly commissioned creator and writer Harms for more.

"Vampires continue to resonate with people – just look at the success of properties like HBO's True Blood and Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books," said Top Cow's VP Marketing and Sales Mel Caylo. "We recognized Impaler is truly a fresh, new spin on the 'vampire mythos' and were excited to keep the story going. We think it has the potential to be like Walking Dead, but for vampires."

In the first story arc of Impaler, a derelict cargo ship is found adrift offshore during a terrible blizzard in New York City. When New York's Finest is sent to investigate the missing crew, an unspeakable horror is unleashed that quickly spreads all over the snow-covered borough, as a vampire plague quickly moves through the city's population. The people's only hope lies in Vlad Tepes, the real-life historical inspiration for the vampire legend, Dracula. Vlad the Impaler arrives to defend the city from the ever-growing vampire horde, but how much can one man do against an army of thousands?

Issue #1 of the ongoing series picks up where the end of the first story arc left off, with the U.S. military stepping in to try and stop the advancing mass of vampires. Despite the horrific aspects of the story, at the center of Impaler is a character study into the mindsets of a reluctant hero and a band of weary people just struggling to survive.

"I have the next couple arcs already plotted," said Harms, "and I think fans of the book will really dig where things are going."

Impaler can be found on the web at Fans can pre-order issue #1 from their favorite retailer using Diamond item no. OCT082313 for the Matt Timson cover or OCT082314 for the Sheldon Mitchell cover.

Impaler #1 (Cover A - Timson)

Impaler #1 (Cover B - Mitchell)