John Morrow has posted some additional information regarding the decision to offer digital editions of TwoMorrow Publishing magazines online. At the very least, it's a reminder to me that I still get a handful of magazines through Mile High Comics. Certainly I could save money in some cases by either subscribing directly from TwoMorrows, or by purchasing an online edition. I agree with John, however, that I like the "hard copy" better than digital; usually my TwoMorrow's magazines are read over lunch breaks, and I try get away from my computer at lunch time.

John says:

The digital stuff is an experiment, and we’ll be closely watching all the ramifications of it. But it’s not an attempt to circumvent retailers, or eliminate the need for Diamond (if we had to hand-mail all the print copies that Diamond carries, we’d never get our issues to press!). It’s an attempt to grow our readership, when the conventional Direct Market route has stagnated for us. We’ll see how it goes between now and December; time will tell!

I think the direct market has stagnated for a lot of publishers, and in order to survive, I believe most comic book publishers will likewise have to find or create new markets for their products. Congratulations to John for being willing to try a new direction.

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