Robert Kirkman and Yanick Paquette bring you an all-new team of Ultimate X-Men! In Ultimate X-Men #84, the man from the future, Bishop, insists that for the sake of tomorrow the X-Men need to exist today. Creating his own team, Bishop hopes to carry on Xavier’s legacy…but just who joins his team? Just as this team of new X-Men comes together, it seems they’re going to have just as many problems as the last, when a new batch of Sentinels launches an attack! Written by Robert Kirkman, with stunning art by Yanick Paquette, this is an all new, all different Ultimate.

Critics and fans alike continue to rave about the creative team of Kirkman and Paquette. Richard George of called Robert Kirkman’s Ultimate X-Men “excellent,” and added, “the pacing and drama are perfectly timed.”

Newsarama.Com’s Kelly Koben agreed, also gushing about Paquette’s “stellar artwork on this series.”

A similar sentiment was echoed by’s Aaron Stueve, who described Paquette’s art as, “His line work is sharp and thin, his backgrounds are clear and realistic,” describing the overall look as “beautiful.”

Bishop and his new team are in for a wild ride as they face off against the giant-mutant-hunting-machines, and you’ll never guess who’s behind these vicious attacks! So don’t miss this new beginning for the X-Men, in Ultimate X-Men #84, bringing an x-citing new uncanny team to the Ultimate universe!

ULTIMATE X-MEN #84 (MAY072094)
Pencils and Cover by YANICK PAQUETTE
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—6/21/07, On-Sale—7/11/07