Recently, I attended the Motor City Comic Con (aka the MC3) to assess the comic book market directly. Vendors and buyers were interviewed to answer the "why" when it comes to the sales data. This visit produced an additional nugget of knowledge that was only available to MC3 attendees.

A Mega Collection

Recently, a comic book collection that once belonged to a prominent attorney was uncovered in Michigan.  This sizable collection cost the collector his marriage. The family never knew the extent of how great this collection was because he kept it a secret from everyone.  After his death, the family had to probate the estate.  It was only at this time that the sheer significance of this collection was realized.

News media outlets have reported that one comic from the collection is a Superman #1 that CGC graded a 7.0.  There were other major key books in the collection as well. It has been reported that this may be one of the most valuable collections to come to market in recent years. In fact, it is so significant that it has been suggested to be worthy of a Pedigree designation.

The sheer volume and value of the collection have attracted a filmmaker to create a documentary on this collection. "Selling Superman" will tell the tale of a son's journey selling the collection as well as the emotional toll that his father's collection caused the family when he was alive.

Why This Matters to You

During our time at MC3 interviewing vendors for a market report, it was discovered that one of them was granted the right to sell part of that collection. I've interviewed Jamie Stewart of Phat Daddy's Comics before about marketplace reports.   Well, it appears that the collector's son realized Jamie's status in the comic book community, because he was chosen to sell part of that collection.

Interviewed at MC3

Jamie indicated that this collection was sizable and consisted of mostly higher-grade books. The collection includes books from the Golden to the Bronze Age, so there is a little bit to like for everyone.  He stated that some books have already been sold at MC3 and previous shows.

Collectors and investors were drawn to books from that collection because of the significance of the find and condition of these books.  Remember, one of those books is a Superman #1 with a 7.0 grade.  That is but one key from the collection. There are many other significant issues in the collection that are within the reach of the average hobbyist as well. That is why I asked Jaime if I could share this information with all of you.

Part of History

GoCollect readers have Phat Daddy's Comics contact information.  Interested parties may want to reach out to Jamie politely and let it be known if they are GoCollect readers and that they may be interested in purchasing some books.  These books are selling fast because issues like these rarely come to market in these grades. Only a few know who is selling these issues.

The stock is ever-changing, but it does not hurt to ask if there are particular market segments or books that may interest the buyers.  Jamie also appears at many shows so buyers may want to meet up with him at a future show and see firsthand what books he has at that time.  Remember that this collection is so vast that new books may be added at any time.

Access to Hidden Gems

I try my best to bring readers access to information that matters. This knowledge provides the readers with a distinct advantage over others.  Conventions may seem to be an archaic means to purchase comics, but ignoring this segment of the market is unwise.

I put forth the effort and uncovered access to a collection that many would never have known existed, let alone have the ability to purchase.  Readers may not be able to afford that CGC 7.0  Superman #1, but that does not mean they need to be shut out altogether.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.