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Who's Who of American Comic Books: 1928-1999/free on your computer/created by Jerry Bails and lots of associate fans.

Type the above title into your browser or, and here is what you will find on the home page:

"On November 23, 2006, the "Father Of Comic Book Fandom" and creator of this database, Jerry Bails, passed away in his sleep. This website remains a continued tribute to his efforts at making sure that those who helped create our favorite four-color medium are given the credit that they richly deserve."

In addition to this introduction, you'll find the most comprehensive listing of American cartoonists and their work ever compiled.

It wasn't always so.

The Who's Who of American Comic Books was originally published as a series of magazines. If you can find a set today, buy them. They are rare indeed. I am blessed to own a set, and have used it as a source of information when writing Suspended Animation for almost twenty years.

That list of cartoonists and their work includes an artist's or writer's birthday and deathday, his education, the comics titles he worked on and the dates they appeared, and comics related work like comic strips, advertising, prose books, movie posters, and much more.

This list is so comprehensive that I'd guess one could spend years reading without finishing it. It is unparalleled and unsurpassed in the world of comics.

It is difficult to imagine a serious fan of comics who would not find hours of enjoyment here. In fact, no matter how great a comics scholar, there is something surprising and new on almost every page.

That aforementioned home page finishes with: "Thank you Jerry Bails; may the rest of us in comic fandom continue to do your example proud."


This wonderful resource receives the highest recommendation.

Review by Michael Vance

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