(I-Newswire) - Why are a spikey-haired street rapper from Cuba, a cranky cactus from Australia, and a Goliath-powered housewife from Japan hanging out together in the same hall? They're all part of an Internet-based comics exhibition showcasing selected entries to COMIX35's second International Christian Comics Competition. The virtual show, located online at www.christiancomics.org, will run from July 5th to September 5th.

Nate Butler, president of COMIX35, stated "twenty four countries are represented in the exhibition including Argentina, Indonesia, Estonia, Italy, Russia, Nigeria, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. Top comics artists from every continent are participating in this event."

COMIX35 organized the first International Christian Comics Competition in 2005 and a Spanish Comics Competition in 2006.

"Comics are the 'medium of the masses' around the world," declared Butler. "Middle Eastern youth, East Indian school children, Filipinos, French and Mexican adults – all are huge readers of comics. And the Japanese are in a class by themselves. Their best-selling comic book has a circulation of 3.2 million copies per week, compared to 2.5 million copies a year for the top US comic title."

COMIX35's exhibition is providing entrants with the opportunity to prove they can produce top-quality work that will reach these masses as well. Two entrants will be selected as prize winners by judges from Japan, Australia, England, France, Malaysia and the US, but all exhibition visitors will be able to participate in designating the "People's Choice Award."

For additional information contact COMIX35 at comix35@comix35.org.

About COMIX35
A comics ministry based on the Bible verses from EXodus 35:30-35, COMIX35 has been training individuals and organizations around the world in the production and effective use of comics-style literature since 1996.


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