Los Angeles Times-best selling author Gregg Hurwitz (The Crime Writer) and Marcelo Frusin (Hellblazer) bring you the gritty self-contained Wolverine Annual: Deathsong! After a botched bank heist leaves a dozen civilians dead, Wolverine decides to hunt down the two-bit hoodlum that’s responsible. Smitty is going to die, and he knows it… the only question is: when?


Presented to you by crime thriller extraordinaire, Gregg Hurwitz, Wolverine Annual: Deathsong follows hood-for-hire Smitty, as he’s relentlessly hunted by the force of nature whose senses are just as sharp as his claws. Smitty isn’t the only one on Wolverine’s hit list, anyone and everyone involved in the bank robbery beware because Logan is playing for keeps this time. This comic isn’t for the faint of heart (or those with a weak stomach); artist Marcelo Frusin’s grim and gritty style captures Wolverine as he gruesomely claws through dozens of men.

Wolverine Annual: Deathsong features a chilling tale that will leave readers shocked, and prove once and for all that Wolverine is in fact, “the best there is at what he does.”

Pencils & Cover by MARCELO FRUSIN
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC—9/13/07, On-Sale—10/03/07

Wolverine Annual Deathsong