Fans demanded it and Wolverine makes his dramatic return to Madripoor in Wolverine: Origins Annual #1, searching for answers to his sordid past that he’s still struggling to accept. Fans will get a chance to see an untold story of Patch—Wolverine’s mysterious identity in Madripoor—and a shocking revelation that will affect Wolverine in the coming months. Brought to you by Wolverine: Origins writer Daniel Way and artist Kaare Andrews (fresh off his top selling Spider-Man: Reign mini-series) Wolverine: Origins Annual #1 is a key chapter in Wolverine’s quest to discover the truth about his life.

“The Origins annual features Logan's long-awaited return to where he tries to track down someone--and someTHING--from his past,” explained Way of this double-sized issue. “As you'd probably guess, it doesn't go smoothly. Hate to ruin the story and all, but Logan doesn't pull it off... however, that doesn't mean that he goes away empty-handed. That cryptic enough for you?”

Kaare Andrews’ gorgeous art, an untold story of Patch and major consequences for Wolverine—what’s not to love? Madripoor, here we come in Wolverine: Origins Annual #1— and Wolverine won’t leave the same!

Written by DANIEL WAY
Pencils and Cover by KAARE ANDREWS
“Return To Madripoor”
Parental Advisory …$3.99