Run, don’t walk, to your comic stores today and pick up World War Hulk #1 (of 5), the first chapter of this summer’s biggest blockbuster event from writer Greg Pak, artist John Romita Jr & Marvel Comics! After his exile in space, and the subsequent tragedies he’s endured, the Hulk has returned to Earth to get his revenge on those responsible—the Illuminati! Now Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Professor Xavier and Iron Man—not to mention the city of New York—must figure out a way to stop the Hulk’s rampage. He’s not just angry…he’s enraged!

World War Hulk #1 Romita Jr Sgn Ed

World War Hulk #1

The early reviews are in and World War Hulk #1 is a hit with the critics. “It’s going to be a fast-paced, hard-hitting rumble in the New York jungle,” said IGN.Com’s Richard George of the event. “Pak throws enough powerful moments into this first chapter that it feels like anything can happen in the next four.”

“Brilliantly done,” said Tobey Cook of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com. “I’m definitely on board this crossover for the long haul.”

Chris Partin of ComicAddiction.Com echoed those sentiments, gushing, “Romita Jr.'s art alone is worth the price of this book because it’s so good” and adding, “Forget everything you thought about this miniseries and go out and pick up this book before it’s too late.”

“WORLD WAR HULK IS THE STRONGEST THERE IS,” exclaimed Russell Hillman of FractalMatter.Com. “With this level of quality, this crossover is going to be very good indeed.”

The prelude to World War Hulk sold out at Diamond not once, but twice, and now that the event has finally arrived, can you really afford to miss the book everyone is already talking about? Don’t miss your chance to get onboard the “incredible’ limited-series that will not only redefine the Hulk, but also have a huge impact on the Marvel Universe!

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (of 5) (APR072302)
Written by GREG PAK
Penciled by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Variant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Rated T+ .$3.99