X-Men '97's two-episode premiere ended in a great cliffhanger, and longtime X-Men readers are primed and ready for the big reveal.

At the time of writing, we are three days from X-Men '97's third episode. Last week's premiere impressed fans and critics alike, and it currently sits at a 100% Fresh reviewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewers have swooned over the show's dynamic animation style and dramatic storytelling while comic fans are falling in love with its Chris Claremont influence.

As episode two finished "The Trial of Magneto," the plot shifted towards Jean Grey and their newborn son, Nathan Summers, who will eventually become the time-travelling Cable. Just when things appeared to be moving towards a somewhat happy ending, a second Jean walked through the door.

Comic book fans are certain they know where things are heading. If X-Men '97 continues to follow the source material, Nathan's mother isn't Jean, but Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey created by Mister Sinister. She would become the Goblin Queen and go on to play an integral part of 1989's epic crossover, "Inferno," in which two demons from Limbo plot an earthly invasion.

Could "Inferno" begin to unfold in X-Men '97? That's the big question, and it might kickoff with the big reveal of Madelyne Pryor. That could very well cause a rush for these key issues.


Generally speaking, this issue has been most famous for Shadowcat's character progression, but X-Men '97 could add another reason to own a copy. Ahead of the "Inferno" story arc, readers were unknowingly introduced to Madelyne posing as Jean. Since '97's second episode introduced the clone concept as a cliffhanger, not to mention that clear Mister Sinister tease, it's clear this is the path the plot is taking. Given the show's popularity, once Madelyne is confirmed, it should give UXM #168 a sales boost.


John Byrne, Dave Cockrum, and Jim Lee get all the glory when it comes to X-Men art, but there's another name that should be added to that particular Mount Rushmore: Marc Silvestri. During the 1980s, he drew some of the most iconic Uncanny X-Men covers, including this homage to Alien and the xenomorphs.

While that amazing image of Wolverine transforming into a Brood insect-alien, there's a bonus to owning UXM #234. It was here that Madelyne first took on the Goblin Queen moniker and costume.


There's been so much hype surrounding Mister Sinister as Marvel Studios prepares to introduce the X-Men into the larger MCU. For years, he's been rumored as the main antagonist for the mutants, and that has caused a rush for his first appearance in UXM #221.

Although the live-action plot is yet to be determined, it appears X-Men '97's first season will revolve around Sinister, Madelyne, and "Inferno." That will add more emphasis to UXM #221, which in turn will bring higher prices. That's why you should consider opting for UXM #239 with Sinister's first cover appearance. It also happens to be Madelyne's first cover as well, giving you two reasons to put this on your shopping lists.


Ahead of X-Men '97's third episode, it would seem clear the show is adapting "Inferno" for its plot. However, nothing says the showrunners need to stick to events from the comics panel-for-panel. Since the clone's name hasn't been given, we could be looking at a combination of characters, possibly Rachel Summers. More on her soon.