ComicLink X-Men Art Preview by Patrick BainX-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-treme X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, X-Men and <add super-group here>, X-Men: The Mini-Series, X-this and X-that.  You name it, there's an X-title out there!  And since they're comic books, that means original X-Men art, here's your ComicLink preview.

X-Treme Artists

Adam Kubert Ultimate X-Men 3

I feel like Egghead or an extreme sports hype man paid to begin as many words as possible with the "ecchs" sound or a letter X.  Nonetheless, there are some interesting (should I say X-hilirating) artists for fans of Marvel's mutants in the upcoming ComicLink auction.  Artists include Chris Bachalo, Mark Brooks, Jock, Brothers Adam and Andy Kubert, and Steve Lightle among others.

Fans of sketch can also bid on Art Adams and J Scott Campbell works.  None of the X-Men art in this October auction preview will break the bank.  But panel pages featuring your favorite characters show well on your wall and should enjoy a good return on investment over time.

X-Men Art Preview Panel Breakdown

X-Men and Wolverine Art Preview by Patrick Bain

You can browse through ComicLink on your own.  I'll focus for a minute on Chris Bachalo.   Bachalo boasts a host of credits on DC Vertigo works, Doctor Strange, Amazing Spider-Man, and many others.  His X-Men credits are X-tensive: without trying I found at least 8 different X-Men titles he worked on (some were later volumes with the same title).

That makes Bachalo an established artist on these characters--with works that are modern enough to still be reasonably priced.  The page above from Wolverine and X-Men #2 could fit that category.

Patience Rewarded: Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri

X-Men 255 by Marc Silvestri

If you want a higher profile X-artist, how about Marc Silvestri or Jim Lee?  Silvestri labored as the primary Uncanny X-Men artist from 1987 to 1990.  If you haven't heard, people bought a lot of X-Men comics in the eighties (lol).  Art by one of the primary artists for the series is probably going to be in demand.

Likewise, we don't need to prop up Jim Lee art.   He's already a favorite of many.  So, find more of your favorites in X-Men Artists That Rock.

Uptown X-Men Art Preview

John Byrne X-Men 112 Art Preview

In the high-rent district, Heritage Auctions offers some X-ceptionally famous X-artists in their November signature auction.  Consider X-Men 10 art by Jack Kirby, John Byrne art from the Seventies, and again, Jim Lee art from the early Nineties.

HA also features art from the wide variety of the scattered X-titles

A New (Old?) X-Men Adventure

X-Men Fresh Takes Comic Reading Library

The plethora of X-titles is great for the young and not too old fan.  I'm a traditionalist who likes the original X-Men and the days of only one series.  I even resented the formation of the New X-Men, although I got over it.  I was blessed to make a recent purchase.  With that purchase, I plan to read the first 200+ X-Men comics.  In if they were brand new.  Each day I'll read one issue and share my fresh take.

I invite you to get your nostalgia on.  Join me on Facebook: Comic Reading Library.  Pick any series.  Read one issue each day.  Pretend it's the first time you read the series.  Tell us what comes to mind in your fresh take.  Spelling and grammar snobs are not allowed unless you've got stories to share!

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