With video games getting more popular to collect, many games are coming out of the woodwork for collectors. But which are the BEST? Here is my humble list of Holy Grail Video Games.

Holy Grail Video Games

Before I dive in, I want to make it clear that this is my personal opinion and I highly encourage you to let me know YOUR grail list for video games. Have you gotten any checked off your list yet? I got inspired to work on this after seeing this article.

#7 - Mega Man V (GAMEBOY)

As howchoo pointed out - this is a super rare game that people are starting to pick up on. While there isn't quite enough data of new/sealed or graded for this game (most likely due to the rarity of a sealed copy), CIB's are selling for an average of $1,300, with the loose sales roughly around $191. It does appear that there is a graded and sealed Rocket Man (Japan edition) on eBay right now that's sitting at $1800. It is VGA graded at 85+.  I actually can't find evidence that there is more than 1 other graded version of this game! If you have one... That's awesome!

#6 - Bubble Bobble (NES)

Holy Grail Video GamesWhat a fun little game. What Mega Man lacks in sealed, this makes up for it. Sure - it might not be as rare but it's still worth it to me. Who wouldn't want to trap their "enemies" in bubbles? This game is relatively inexpensive if you want to play it as CIB averages out at $62, though these prices are starting to climb for true CIBs. New/Sealed is a relatively reasonable number averaging around $740 (obviously based on condition). Graded has a range of $295 (6.0) to $7,200 (9.8 A+).

#5 - Mario Bros (5-screw)

You know it had to be on the list! This game has been selling for insane amounts lately. I must differentiate though between the 3 and 5 screw versions. If you don't know why this matters, check out my recent blog about video game collecting terms you should know.  Even breaking the world record for the value sold. It would be amazing to have a graded version on my shelf! I think I would walk just a little bit taller knowing I had that. CIBs have a pretty wide range of pricing going on - it really depends on the quality of the box and the components. I've seen as low as $50 and as high as $600. I can't imagine there are many sealed left that aren't graded. If you are able to find a sealed raw version... GRADE IT ASAP! It's most likely worth a pretty penny.

#4 - Pokémon Red

Holy Grail Video GamesPure selfishness here. I am an AVID PokémonGo player, (SO close to level 41) so I have a soft spot for Pokémon products. Pokémon games, similar to Mario, have really been heating up also. CIB prices are averaged around $176 while New/Sealed looks more like $2400. And the graded ones? Well, last November a 9.8 graded/sealed sold for $84k which is record-breaking for that game. Pokémon Yellow had a record-breaking sale too, but I'm partial to the red. If you are looking to get this game to play, you're in luck. The average for loose is $38.

#3 - Stadium Events

Yes, I know it's completely unrealistic... but it's still on my list! This seemingly unassuming game LOOSE goes for roughly $12k. CIB you're looking at $42k based on condition - though the most recent sale was for $55k. Even a 4.5 graded cartridge alone sold for $7,800. This game is iconic to hardcore collectors. Released in 1987, this game utilized a mat to track the players' movement. I can't help but loosely compare it to an EARLY, early edition of a Wii Sports type of game. It encouraged players to get up and compete rather than sit in a chair and yell at a screen. Nintendo Quest considers it to be the all-time most rare NES game to date. Imagine having this in your collection. Better yet, imagine going to a yard sale and seeing this in a bin.

#2 - Wrecking Crew (5-Screw)

Holy Grail Video GamesThis game in 5-screw is worth almost double, compared to the 3-screw counterpart. Also, it's a lot rarer. For CIBs, the average price is about $98 for a 3-screw and $230 for 5-screw. A Graded 3-screw sold in 2019 for as high as $7800. Though, for a 5-screw loose game, you're looking at a $20 bill. This game was released in 1985 and the player is Mario (or you can choose if in two-player mode between Mario & Luigi). The goal: DESTROY! Because of the hammer's weight, Mario cannot jump. The player uses strategy to get to the objects meant to be destroyed. What a fun concept. This is higher than Stadium for me because I love the cover. This game just looks cooler than Stadium does. Just look at Mario's nose!

#1 - Nintendo World Championship (Grey)

Lastly, Nintendo World Championship. Similar to Stadium, this is pretty unrealistic for me... but a girl can dream. To my knowledge, this game has only ever sold as loose. It would have been impossible to have a sealed/new as this was a game sent only to participants of the championship hosted in 1990. There are two editions of this cartridge - Gold/Grey and to be honest I'd love to have EITHER. I'm just weighing the odds on a grey. No one knows how many grey carts are actually out there.

90 were given away to contestants after the championship ended. There were only 26 gold carts made. And so far I think only one has been spotted/sold. One person has a 5.0 graded gold listed on eBay as "THE holy grail". He/she also has it listed for $1M... And honestly... unlike Stadium events this one really is the rarest NES cart (at least in gold). Have any of you guys even seen any of these? Only 7 have sold of the grey. For all I know it's the SAME one. Here is a great article about this game if you want to know a little more about it.

Holy Grail Video Games Wrap Up

Well there you have it - that's my list. Do you agree with me? Are there any iconic ones that I missed? Let me know!

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