Archie & Friends #145Media Release -- Archie Comics—publisher of the acclaimed graphic novel "The Archie Wedding" and Archie's first ever full-sized magazine, "Life with Archie"—collides head-on with pop culture in two must-read parodies of reality TV! This summer, Archie, Betty, Veronica and their friends prove they're the real deal with "Riverdale Shore" in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #145 and "Best Friends Forever," part one of the four-part "Battle of the BFFs" series in BETTY #187.

This July, the teens of "Riverdale Shore" party hearty like their "Jersey Shore" counterparts… but are "The Complication" (Reggie) and "Snookums" (Cheryl) any match for the super-coiffed and totally tanned TV stars next door? Then, this August, move over "Survivor" and "American Idol" – there's a new game in town as Betty and Veronica compete in the ultimate TV challenge to be crowned the World's Greatest "Best Friends Forever!"

Since word leaked of "Riverdale Shore," Archie's lampoon of "Jersey Shore," the buzz has been bigger than Snooki's hair! According to Mark Marino, he and his friends from StyleList are "all for the merging of the Riverdale and reality-show worlds!"

"Archie is American pop culture," stated Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. "The whole gang is always deeply involved in what's hot in current media and now Archie and his friends are the about to make a huge splash with Riverdale Shore and Battle of the BFFs!"

These latest TV tie-ins follow hot on the heels of Archie Comics' wildly popular Archie-Valerie rockin' romance mini-series and the announcement of the upcoming four-issue action-packed series, "Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E."! Archie Comics continues to stay in step with teen and pre-teen culture, delivering provocative storylines and exciting new projects that reflect the poptastic world of today's youth. Archie's digital apps from iTunes continue to be top sellers and grows daily as a top internet destination for fans worldwide.

"RIVERDALE SHORE" appears in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #145, available 7/14/2010.

"Battle of the BFFs Part One: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER" appears in BETTY #187, available 8/4/2010.