Parks and Recreation fans rejoice because Aubrey Plaza is joining the MCU, and her casting has serious collecting implications.

Andy and April could have a reunion thanks to Marvel. News broke Wednesday that Plaza has been cast in an unnamed role for the WandaVision spinoff, Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Could it lead to a possible onscreen meeting between Plaza’s mystery character and Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord? Parks and Rec devotees would be sure to tune it for that.

Given the current slate of Marvel’s Phase Four with its trademark sitcom-style humor injected into the world of superheroes, for better or worse, there’s no doubt that Agatha will be a full-fledged comedy. Considering the viral success of “It Was Agatha All Along,” I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few song and dance numbers. Certainly, Plaza has the chops for just that.

This is the second big casting announcement for the upcoming show. Last week, Deadline reported that Heartstopper’s Joe Locke had joined the production. Once again, his role is being kept quiet. In fact, the entire show is mostly a mystery at this point, which leaves ample fodder for speculation. 

Who could Plaza and Locke portray in the Disney Plus show? Given that Agatha will likely focus on the magical realm, it’s safe to assume their characters will fall under that banner as well. Before anything becomes official, here are three first appearances you will want to keep close.


Enchantress would make for an interesting role for Agatha. Generally, she and Agatha Harkness have been kept apart throughout their lengthy tenures in the comics. On the cinematic side of things, we’ve yet to see Enchantress in live action. Plus, the Asgardians are firmly linked to the cosmic realm, but this would be an opportunity to connect the world of Thor with the magical side of the MCU.

Odds are, Agatha will be the hero of her show, and she’ll need some formidable villains to challenge her. With Enchantress, she’d get just that. 


Ever since Agatha was announced, there’s been speculation surrounding this particular issue. In these pages, readers first met Zelma Stanton, and there have been theories that she will debut in the Disney Plus series.

Could it be that Plaza will bring Zelma to life? If so, 2015’s Doctor Strange #1 could burn up the market in short order.


With Locke’s casting, it is a distinct possibility that he will play her comic book son, Nicholas Scratch. Remember that he was an Easter egg in WandaVision when Agatha revealed her pet rabbit’s name was Scratch. Whether or not that will play into the new show remains to be seen, but it does give us food for thought. It only further solidifies the argument that Nicholas hates his mother in the comics, forsaking her for revealing the magic world to those outside their New Salem community.


There could easily be a series of blogs on potential characters for both Audrey Plaza and Joe Locke that putting them all into one post isn’t an option. The comics have had a host of magical characters over the years, and any number of them could be included in the show. For that matter, we could see an appearance from the Fantastic Four, given Agatha's relationship to Marvel’s First Family in the comics.

The point is that anything could happen in Agatha

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