Batman changed comics forever when he burst onto the scene in May 1939 in Detective Comics no. 27. It took little time for the character's subsequent success to lead him to his own titled comic, which debuted in the spring of 1940. Since then, the character of Batman has exploded across the pop culture landscape. Now, it's coming to Rally, giving anyone the chance to own part of the comic that splashed The Bat's name across a cover for the first time - Batman #1.

In short, to say that Batman #1 is a neat comic would be to vastly undersell it. It's a titan of the comic world and has every right to be. Single pages of this book even sell for thousands of dollars.

It's a headline anytime this book appears for sale.

After all, while there are 291 copies registered on the CGC census (136 of which are blue labels), a mere 7 are listed with a grade higher than 8.0. When it comes to the six 8.0s listed, it cracked the one-million-dollar mark back in April of 2021 when a copy reached $1,050,000 through ComicConnect.

Since then, the 8.0 has sold one other time, also cracking the million dollar mark in a sale through Goldin for $1,440,000 on Sep 18, 2021. It's this copy, in fact, that is now appearing on Rally - open to fractional ownership by anyone - even you or me.

Unfamiliar with Rally?

Rally is a platform for buying & selling equity in high-value assets with historical or cultural significance.  This allows investors to purchase shares of assets. It’s similar to the way they would buy a share of a stock in an IPO. They also facilitate a secondary market for those assets through registered broker-dealers within the app. Investing in a rare comic on Rally is a way for everyone to get meaningful access to the things they really care about rather than just investing in another ticker symbol.

For those of us that are fans, this book carries a hefty dose of nostalgia with it, no matter where in his editorial career you happened to become acquainted with Batman and his cohorts.

After all, it did introduce two villains who would become integral components of the character’s history. In these pages, we meet both the Joker and Catwoman (although her moniker was “the Cat” during this initial appearance).  These baddies have also had hugely successful careers as cultural icons. They've inspired comics, tv shows, and movies of their very own, and are nearly as recognizable as The Bat himself.

In short, it's an iconic book. For most of us, it's a book we'll never be able to afford to call ours. That's what makes this an opportunity worth keeping an eye on. Fractional ownership may not put the book on the shelf, but it may be the best chance many of us have at being able to call ourselves owners of a CGC 8.0 Batman #1.

“For the millions of people who grew up loving Batman, whether from the comics, cartoons, or movies, access to Batman #1 is roped off to a handful of the wealthiest collectors. Grails like the CGC 8.0 example coming to Rally rarely come to auction, and when they do, they command massive prices. While most of us will never have the chance to own a copy of Batman #1, now collectors can own a piece of history - sharing equity with a community of comic book lovers who understand the significance of this iconic comic.”
Will Stern, Rally Content Manager

On the investment side of things, it's exceedingly rare to see a blue chip sale of a book in this grade trend downward when it comes to selling price, and no book graded above a CGC 5.5 has ever seen a decrease in price.

Will this book keep climbing?

Obviously, there's no guarantee, and as they say, 'Nothing lasts forever.' But with the Batman fandom showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, it'll be fun to see what Batman #1 has in store for us next.

This initial offering begins on 11/18/2022 at 12PM. Check out more info HERE!

*Any perceived investment advice is unintended and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect