One of the best Saturday morning cartoons of the 90s was hands down Batman Beyond; the intro sequence alone screams nostalgia. Created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett, the story centered on the teenage Terry McGinnis who takes up the cowl of Batman under the guidance of an aging Bruce Wayne. The Emmy award winning series brought us to a dark future where Batman was still needed, and introduced us to a new rogues’ gallery. What’s the off, off, off chance that the upcoming Robert Pattinson’s Batman is actually Terry McGinnis?

While Batman Beyond is an animated show in origin, it has spawned multiple comic books series, each a success in its own right. Here we examine the market of the key books for fans that may be looking to start a collection.



The first Batman Beyond comic book release, and the most valuable on the market is Batman Beyond #1 (1999). Again, it’s not the first appearance of Terry McGinnis or the Batman Beyond costume as those were in the first episode of the animated series, but the comic book is indeed the first appearance in comic book form. The story arc is almost an identical adaptation of the animated series.

The sales data for the book graded in CGC 9.8 and 9.6, which represent the top 36.9% and 66.8% of the census:

From late 2014 to mid-2016, the value of the book for both grades were on a decline. Interestingly, the value reversed a year later to form almost a cup shape by late 2017. The bottom of this dip helps show where there is support for the book. The value recovery further extended into continual growth through the next two years to present. By surpassing the highs seen in the spike early 2015 and growing steadily, it displays considerable strength in overall market demand for the book.



For anyone looking to collect Batman Beyond #1 at a discount, they can turn to reprints of the cover. Several printings exist including a Six Flags version; but here we will be examining the Free Special Origin Issue. This particular cover is the one without a barcode on the bottom left. Below is sales for the book in CGC 9.8, which is a rather large 60.9% of the top:

Unlike the original first printing of Batman Beyond #1, the volume of sales for this reprint are noticeably lower. It is similar, however, in that it is also growing in value, but at a slightly slower rate than the first print in CGC 9.6.



Another Batman Beyond issue that has both significant volume of sales and market value is Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker #1, which was released in 2001 in conjunction with the animated movie. The story was essentially a direct adaptation of the film with a few addition scenes. Below is sales for the book in CGC 9.8 and 9.6 (9.8 is shown in blue, 9.6 in orange):

For the last 5 years, sales for the book have been flat. Between the low volume and flat growth, this book is not worth the investment.



In this issue, Terry uncovers a drug trafficking plot that leads him to Metropolis, Superman’s territory. Below is sales for the book in CGC 9.8, which is the top 49.4%, almost half of the census:

In 2016, the sales price for this book occurred in a relatively low range, but over the following years the volatility grew to a very large degree. Within the span of three few months, a 9.8 sold for $46 and another sold for $265.42. While this volatility is very high risk, finding one at the lower end of the range could offer a very lucrative quick flip.



  • Batman Beyond #1 - BUY
  • Batman Beyond Free Special Origin Issue - HOLD
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker #1 - REDUCE
  • Superman / Batman Annual #4 – FLIP



“For better or worse, you're learning how to be Batman, young mister McGinnis. You have to be born to be a Superman.” - Superman