by Elisabeth@TFAW

Avengers #1Avengers Day Party Video: Part 1 of the Bendis-Parker Q&A!

Brian Michael Bendis and Jeff Parker headlined our fantastic Avengers Day Party, celebrating the release of Avengers #1 and Atlas #1, at our Hollywood store May 19! Not only was there a line going through the store and out the door before the party even started, but the entire evening was crowded with enthusiastic, excited comics fans–not the least of whom were Bendis and Parker themselves.

Bendis and Parker started things off with an hour-long question and answer session, where they talked about their respective "Mona Lisa" projects (Bendis doesn't feel like he's had his yet, citing various examples of people announcing their "masterpieces" and then falling on their faces–Terence Trent D'Arby–while Parker cited Underground), how to break into comics, and what they're excited about next. Bendis also talked enthusiastically about his upcoming creator-owned series with Alex Maleev, Scarlet, out July 7, promising (tongue-in-cheek) that Scarlet "will shoot lasers out of her butt."

Here's the first part of their hilarious, informative, off-the-cuff Q & A:

[video:youtube:BEkEaql20zE W:425 H:344]

Stay tuned for more video throughout the day!

We want to thank Brian Michael Bendis and Jeff Parker for coming out to our store, interacting with the fans (and us!), and patiently signing hundreds of comics. It was a special night for everyone, and their love for comics was awesome to see. Special thanks also go out to Steve Lieber (Underground, Whiteout), who thought he was coming as a guest and was instead instantly recognized and asked for autographs as well.

Of course, our Avengers Day Party wouldn't have been half as successful without our customers, comics fans, and members of the Portland comics community, who turned out in droves! Attendees enjoyed free beer (with ID) and complimentary food from Clean Plate Catering; we enjoyed hanging out and getting to know them.