by Elisabeth@TFAW

X-Men #1There's a lot happening in the X-Men Universe this summer, with new series, anniversaries, and shocking surprises in July!

Get ready for the first X-Men #1 in 20 years! X-Men #1 is out July 7 and features the talents of Victor Gischler and Paco Medina. This Heroic Age comic kicks off with "Mutants Versus Vampires Part 1." When vampires engulf San Francisco, no one knows what they want–but they're gonna have to tangle with the X-Men, who will stop at nothing to protect their home turf!

Uncanny X-Men Heroic Age One-ShotJuly 14, we have the Uncanny X-Men: Heroic Age one-shot! With three stories by such greats as Matt Fraction, Whilce Portacio, Jamie McKelvie, and Steven Sanders, Uncanny X-Men: Heroic Age will show us just where the X-Men fit in with Marvel's new Heroic Age!

Matt Fraction and Whilce Portacio also headline Uncanny X-Men #526, which deals with the aftermath of X-Men: Second Coming. Marvel is being pretty tight-lipped about the details, but they did let slip that Hope, Emma, Namor, and Sebastian Shaw are involved.

Uncanny X-Men #526Of course, old-school X-Fans remember when the ambitious, lethal Sebastian Shaw was introduced in 1979. Not only was he the self-proclaimed Black King of the Hellfire Club, but he played a small but crucial role in 1980's Dark Phoenix Saga. That's right, 2010 marks the 30-year anniversary of one of the most powerful story arcs in X-Men history! When founding X-Man Jean Grey tapped into the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix, her powers grew exponentially–far beyond what any normal human, no matter how heroic, was ever meant to deal with. This heart-rending tale of absolute power corrupting absolutely is a true classic, showcasing first-class writing by Chris Claremont and breathtaking art by John Byrne.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga HCNow there is a brand-new hardcover edition out July 28 to commemorate this event! The X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga Hardcover collects the entire epic, including the original published story in Uncanny X-Men #129-138, as well as a backup story from Classic X-Men #43, featuring the untold story of Jean Grey's first meeting with the Phoenix. However, this deluxe edition also includes Phoenix: The Untold Story, which reprints the original intended tale–in which Jean Grey would live–and What If? #27.

X-Factor #207Finally, I'll wrap up this X-Update with X-Factor #207, out July 21. X-Factor has come a long way since its debut in 1986, when it starred the original X-Men: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Ice Man (although if you miss those halcyon days, be sure to check out X-Factor Forever). Today, X-Factor is written by superstar Peter David and has taken a decidedly noir bent, with reluctant hero Madrox the Multiple Man leading a ragtag (and often volatile) band of mutants. X-Factor #207 promises a "jaw-dropping final page," and if you heard about the uproar after the birth of Madrox and Siryn's baby (or is that "baby"?), you know it's gonna deliver.

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