Xerxes LithographMedia Release -- Dark Horse Comics proudly announces that master storyteller Frank Miller will examine the life of a key player from one of his most acclaimed works in Xerxes, the much-anticipated prequel to Miller's award-winning opus 300.

Xerxes rose to power in fifth-century-BC Persia and became known as "The King of Kings," eventually raising and leading a massive army intent on ruthlessly destroying the hated Greeks who killed his father. In Xerxes, the title character seeks nothing less than to become a god himself – and achieves his wish!

As a graphic novel and a major film, 300 (Item Code: STAR10465) drew millions of readers and viewers into the Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and the Persians. Xerxes – the Persian "God-King" at the battle – was one character that captured imaginations worldwide, and readers can look forward to his story in 2011.