While Marvel TV shows and movies receive the lion’s share of collector buzz, DCU productions are right around the corner.

You heard that right around the corner. So we’re back with more DCU spec!

This time around, the spotlight will be on Mister Terrific.

First Appearance

Like many DC heroes, there’s a Golden Age Mister Terrific and a newer version. While the DCU will feature the newer Michael Holt version of the hero, attention will be drawn to the Terry Sloane version as well. Both the original Mister Terrific and Michael Holt – who will appear in the new Superman film – are key characters, and their comic appearances could see some impact in pricing as we get closer to that film’s release.

Terry Sloane made his first appearance as Mister Terrific in the classic Sensation Comics #1, cover dated January 1942. Of course, this comic is likely out of reach for the majority of collectors. Besides Mister Terrific’s first appearance, it’s also the second appearance of Wonder Woman and her first cover. There are 116 graded copies and the most recent sale was a 9.6 going for $420,000 in the April 7 Heritage auction.

Death of Terry Sloane

Like many of DC’s Golden Age Heroes, Terry was a member of the Justice Society of America. As such, when DC transitioned to the Silver Age, Terry was involved in Earth-1/Earth-2 storylines within the pages of Justice League of America. It was in one such story in 1979 that Terry met his untimely demise at the hands of the Spirit King. It all took place in Justice League of America #171. It’s a much more affordable option than Terry’s Golden Age appearances. There are only 53 graded copies – more testament to lack of CGC submissions than rarity – and the most recent sale was a 9.2 selling for a slashed $80 on May 31. So, if you can’t have Terry’s beginning you should be able to find his end quite readily as a raw copy in shops and shows.

Introduction of Michael Holt

Micheal Holt – the version of Mister Terrific poised to appear in Superman in 2025 and played by Edi Gathegi – is the character most collectors will gravitate toward as we get closer to the film’s release. First appearing in Spectre #54, the character and his T-Spheres have been an integral part of DC Comics since his introduction. After an initial very sharp increase in value upon the revelation of Mister Terrific’s planned appearance in Superman that saw Spectre #54 reach a height of $1,000 in July 2023, values have since come back down to earth. The most recent sales for a 9.8 include a slashed $370 sale on April 30 and a $295 sale in an April 7 eBay auction. While it’s doubtful this issue will reach $1,000 again in the near future (and that sale is a bit of an outlier) it’s also doubtful that we’re far from the floor price. Keep an eye on prices for this book. If they begin to creep back upward, it could be an opportune time to pounce.

The Terrifics

From a collectible standpoint, Mister Terrific’s appearances in modern JSA comics are a non-factor. While there’s no doubt that the Geoff Johns penned stories are excellent and worth a read, you can find them in dollar boxes at most shops and shows. So, we’re jumping ahead to Terrifics #1. Published by DC in 2018, the series detailed the adventures of a team consisting of Mister Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, and Phantom Girl. With half of this team slated to appear in Superman, it’s drawn quite a bit of attention. While there aren’t yet many graded copies – 49, with 16 graded 9.8 – and sales aren’t common, the trajectory for 9.8 prices is trending upward. From a $20 value in 2020 to an average $76 price in 2023 to a $125 price in a January 20 fixed price eBay sale is nothing to sneeze at. It’s still relatively cheap and raw copies can be found for even less. It’s worth hunting copies down for speculative purposes. With two of the four members showing up in the DCU, it isn’t too far fetched to imagine a Terrifics TV series.

Are you excited for Mister Terrific's inclusion in the DCU? What are your expectations for the associated comic books? Let us know your thoughts below.