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AvX Vs #5AvX: Vs #5 of 6
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Raney, Charalampidis, Fraction, Yu, Alanguilan, Gho

The fifth installment of the "all fighting" title for the big Marvel event, Avengers versus X-Men, pits Hawkeye against Angel and Black Panther with Storm. As has been the case with most of the previous fights, this issue doesn't really bring anything too memorable or unique to the table. Sure, there is some drama because Black Panther fights his wife, Storm, and the love theme is followed in the Angel-Hawkeye fight because Angel's love interest enters the fray, but that's all lightly explored. For the most part the comic is fighting and very ordinary fighting at that. If you like some fighting or you like these characters then this is the book for you.

Hawkeye and Angel is the more interesting of the two fights, but it also presents the most irritations. The two square off in a very straight forward fight. Neither appears willing to land a killing blow but both have the opportunity to. The battle has some good banter and some funny captions. This one had some continuity problems as well as some editorial gaps.

If you read Uncanny X-Force you know that Angel has lost his memory and his girlfriend, and yet, here he appears to be together with Psylocke with his memory intact. Also, Angel appears to have the ability to shoot daggers from his wings, but this isn't explained as to what they are in a Fun Fact caption nor is it explained as to how this is typically a Dark Angel ability. The other oddity is some of the art is not at all fluid. For example, one panel has Hawkeye, face down, on the ground with Angel on his back and the very next one has Hawkeye behind Angel landing a punch. The panels may look nice but there is a gap in the flow in spots.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsStorm against Black Panther is the weaker of the two. The fight doesn't feel genuine at all. Sure, they say all the right things but I never got a sense that either really had a reason to fight the other despite them having some marriage baggage. To be honest, I never bought into the idea that Black Panther could have a defense lined up for whatever Storm could potentially throw at him. The artwork was good, but there was an emotionless feel to the story and visuals that was tough to overcome.

This comic is what it claims to be: a fighting comic book. There is no context, no story, no continuity and very little dialogue. Unfortunately, in order for this to be a success it has to bring some different to the table and with fighting as a staple of super hero comics these fights have the been-there-done-that feel to them. This is a very ordinary issue.

2.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles