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Batman The Unseen #3Batman: The Unseen #3 of 5
DC Comics
Moench & Jones

Batman battles the meat man in this issue. Batman's detective skills allow him to figure out the meat man's identity and track him to his next prey. This issue pushes the villain down the trail of serial killer as his motives and back story begin to be filled in. It's a good issue that shows off Batman at a younger stage in his career allowing him to be more vulnerable with his lack of experience. Batman shows that in order to gain ultimate success you don't always win on the first try.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsBatman is still trying to connect his pieces of evidence that results in his original suspect turning up dead. Batman finds himself at square one while Nigel aka meat man begins to squeeze his employer, the man with no face. Nigel isn't buying anything he's selling him as he is virtually unimpressed with his origin story. Nigel has everything he needs now. He's got the invisibility serum and the motive to commit some serious murders: revenge.

Nigel begins his killing spree as Bruce Wayne begins to unravel the source of the meat man. Yes, Bruce Wayne does his own brand of investigating. Eventually Bruce figures out who and why the meat man came about and Batman stakes a potential victim.

Bruce and Nigel collide with unexpected results. Batman fighting an invisible man shouldn't be too much of a problem, except Batman's still green around the ears. There isn't much of a fight as Batman is over-matched simply trying to pinpoint Nigel's location while taking a hit and run pounding. It's a good ending to the comic book.

This issue shines with the artwork. The coloring and style remind me heavily of the Hellboy universe of comics, not necessarily Mignola's pencils, but the full package. Obviously Batman is drawn with jagged edges and overly extended features, but the art also takes an interesting approach with the humans as they seem to have that angry, hollow look in their eyes that you might find in a depressed Gotham City. It's a beautiful comic that definitely wanders off the usual path for a Batman book.

The story has some of the elements of a standard Batman comic. He's using his detective skills to track down the criminal which typically includes a violent showdown. However, the comic does more than tell a simple detective story. It ties in motives, origins, science and allows some insight into how a man loses his mind. You don't usually find those elements in a Batman book.

While on the surface this comic seems to be just another Batman mini series, one that probably has a target audience that likes this creative team. The comic is an enjoyable story that has its own niche with the villain and construction of the villain. It's a good story and has some terrific artwork. This is worth checking out.

4 out of 5 geek goggles