by Elisabeth@TFAW

Hey there, y'all. I'm pretty psyched about the newest labor of love coming from Scott Allie and Dark Horse. Exurbia is wicked fun and Kevin McGovern's art is funky (in a good way). I'm also excited to announce that we've got a few copies that include Book Plates that are signed by Allie and McGovern!.

At, we're all about the extras–so we're giving a couple of them away. One will be given away to one of our Twitter followers on Monday (follow us here), and the other will go to a lucky person who posts a comment on this blog article (also awarded on Monday 10/12) . After that we're going to ship the rest of these special copies of Exurbia at no additional cost while supplies last.
Exurbia at a Glance:

Gage Wallace's day seemingly couldn't get any worse. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he finds himself framed for blowing up his apartment building–the latest in a string of deadly bombings in this doomed suburb. After the neighboring Fat City fell into the river during an earthquake, these hapless exurbanites have been waiting for their own town to sink. The only glimmer of hope is a talking rat, whose drunken ramblings are taken as the prophecy of a better time ahead.

Now Gage finds himself being pursued by well-intentioned friends, bored cops, and the bloodthirsty Bald Suzie, a local firearms enthusiast whose brother was killed in a recent explosion.

Check out our 13-page Exurbia First Look and try before you buy.