headhunter_logo.jpgMedia Release -- Convention season is in full swing for HeadHunta' Studios, and they are ready for fun, sun and comics at Florida SuperCon in Miami, Florida!! HeadHunta' Studios is also welcoming Austin Janowsky to the group, and he will be at the booth for signings.

HeadHunta' Studios will once again have an array of amazing creators and will dazzle you with a wide array of books, exclusive prints, original art and a chance to meet up with:

Greg "Dark One" Williams: Artist and Creator of Animal Mystic, Raptor, and Frostbite. Greg has been published in over 30 titles to date.
Koi Turnbull: Artist on Superman Confidential, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple, Fathom, New Warriors, and many more!
Chris Walker: Writer on Tiger Style and Raptor
Kevin Stokes: Artist on Tiger Style, Hidden Worlds, Splitsville and Departure
Derrick Fish: Artist and creator of The Wellkeeper and Dandy & Company, and is a regular pinup contributor to books like Atomic Robo and PvP
Austin Janowsky: Artist on Iron Man: The End, Red Sonja, and creator of Stanley the Snowman.

Along with new products and announcements, all weekend long HeadHunta' Studios can be tracked down in the Artist Alley. Be sure to come by and pickup the studio's first 64-page full color sketchbook, Weapons of Mass Distractions (WMD). Also, at the booth there will be signings, exclusive prints, buying books and a chance to get commissions or a sketch!

Be prepared to see more announcements from the guys of HeadHunta' Studios as new titles and issues will be making their way into the world…

HeadHunta' Studios has started to generate a buzz in the industry and has managed to put together some amazing talent which is resounding through the grapevine. And for those that do not know HeadHunta' Studios is a new comic studio out of Atlanta, GA that includes Chris Walker, Greg "Dark One" Williams, Dave Wilkins, Kevin Stokes, Koi Turnbull, Anthony Washington, John McGuire, Derrick Fish, Nathan Massengill, Ben Fisher, John Allard, John Rokk & more!

They Specialize in Custom comics, storybooks, comics promoting licensed properties and art / storyboards for film & video games.

Check them out at www.headhuntastudios.com

You can also receive up-to-date information including signing schedules, convention appearances and more by following HeadHunta' Studios on Twitter: @HeadhuntaStudio and Facebook.