Spawn #9 continues to have the eBay yo-yo effect, and it rebounded yet again to claim the distinction of the week’s Hottest Comic.

As always, the Hottest Comics are based on sales volume alone, so fair market value has nothing to do with these rankings. Sure, you may find other issues making larger gains in terms of price, but this list is all about those actual sales. For your reading pleasure, may I present the five comics that showed the most growth on that front.

44. SPAWN #9 (+55)

Do you smell that? No, I’m not talking about the Christmas tree air freshener hanging off your rearview mirror, although your passengers do appreciate it. This smells exactly like a Usual Suspect. Definitely, Spawn #9 has all the characteristics needed to be added to the set; it basically never leaves the top 100, and it makes sizable moves in either direction week after week. That would put it right in the mix for a Usual Suspect, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for Omega Men #3. 

As of this moment, Spawn #9 has officially become a yo-yo comic, dropping all the way to the bottom just in time for collectors to yank the string and bounce it back up the ladder. Similar to Omega Men #3, this issue will eventually crack the top 10 and stay there. Sooner or later, Angela will appear in the MCU, of that I have no doubt. When that will be is anyone’s guess. In the Marvel pantheon, she’s firmly in Thor’s corner of things, which is likely how she’ll be introduced in live action. 

We can also be sure there will be a fifth Thor solo movie. However, there’s no telling when that will happen, either. Fans still have a sour taste in their mouths from Love and Thunder, and Chris Hemsworth has said he’s taking time off after he discovered he’s predisposed for Alzheimer’s disease. That means there’s no chance we’ll see the next adventure of the Thunder God anytime soon, and that should also delay Angela’s arrival. 

When the day comes for her to be revealed, Spawn #9 will ride the momentum to the summit of the collecting mountain. That makes this a good time to stockpile Angela’s first appearance from her Image Comics days. 

So far this month, prices have generally stayed in the $70-$100 range for the graded 9.8. That won’t be a bad value when Angela eventually gets to the screen. How long that will take is anyone’s guess, so expect to play the long game.

46. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #238 (+50)

There’s been so many Spider-Man movies in the past 20-plus years that we’ve seen many of the Web Slinger’s famous villains. With Sony branching into more spinoff shows and movies, it seems that every last one of them will get into live action at some point. Yet among all the talk of potential characters getting into one Spider-Verse or another, a fan favorite keeps getting left off the guestlist: Hobgoblin.

For a brief, shining moment, it looked like we would get to see him in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The signs added up to Hobby making his way into the MCU with Ned Leeds making the transition to villain (which would have been a monumental step up from cliché annoying sidekick status). Then…nothing. Still, the film did tease Ned’s potential turn with the I-promise-to-never-become-a-supervillain line, but that could simply be Marvel Studios poking the bear once again. 

There will come a time when Hobgoblin will be a featured member of the Spider-Verse. He’s immensely popular among fans, many of whom have grown weary of seeing Spidey versus the Green Goblin one more time. Between the animated Spider-Verse movies, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and Silk, there’s more than enough places for him to turn up. When he does, it should be a magical moment…unless Sony decides on giving him a questionable spinoff movie. So here’s hoping Marvel uses him in the MCU instead.

The only way you can get a complete copy of ASM #283 is to have the removable Lakeside Tattooz intact. These were packaged inside the comic, and finding a high grade with the tattoos still attached is the holy grail in this instance. Graded at a 9.8, these easily bring over $2k. The only way you can get the coveted CGC blue label is with the Tattooz still attached, otherwise it gets the dreaded green label. However, it does bring the price down. A 9.8 missing the tats last sold for $900 in April, so the difference is substantial. If you really want to save money and don’t mind a green label, opt for the 9.6 qualified, which sold for $625 last month.


Speaking of Sony’s massive plans for its sans-Spidey wing of the Spider-Verse, Silk could be the centerpiece. Among all the spinoff movies that have been announced, she is the only character with actual spider powers. Unless there’s something else cooking behind the scenes, it would appear that Cindy Moon may be ushered to the forefront as the star of Sony’s complex web of Spider-titles. While it’s not quite the same as, say, Spider-Man, Silk is a better alternative to Madame Web.

For many collectors, this has been a longtime coming. Ever since Cindy was included in the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast, buyers were grabbing copies of her first appearance. While she remained a background character throughout the film trilogy, the seed had been planted. In light of the Silk Amazon series, the question remains if that means there will be two Cindy Moons or if the characters will crossover. Either way, it’s a seller’s market for ASM #4.

As hot as this comic has been as of late, the prices aren’t terrible. For the most part, the graded 9.8 has been hovering between $200 and $250, which is not bad for a comic with long-term potential. 

27. UNCANNY X-MEN #221 (+42)

Mister Sinister is back in the mix again, and I have little doubt that it is due to the big Marvel crossover on the horizon, Sins of Sinister. That could preface his arrival in the MCU, something that has been predicted for several years now. In fact, he was all set to be the X-Men’s next major threat in the Fox-verse before the Disney buyout. Throughout the past year, more information has come to light that not only was Sinister on his way to live action, but A-list actor Jon Hamm was onboard to sport the costume. No question, Fox had big plans for the character.

What will come of Sinister in the MCU? There’s nothing but speculation on that front, which makes sense considering we don’t know when the X-Men will arrive. For that matter, the only member of the team we can declare with any certainty is Wolverine. Past that, it’s all just a large guessing game, but at least it’s a fun guessing game, right?

Suddenly thrusting Sinister into the comic spotlight does lead to more speculation. Marvel tends to use the comics to promote characters who are on the MCU radar, and it pays to take notice when a fringe player is elevated to global threat. Such is the case with Mister Sinister, who will be taking on the Avengers in Sins of Sinister, it would seem.

It’s hard to beat the 1980s and ‘90s X-Men artwork, and Marc Silvestri’s work on the title ranks among the best of the best. It’s worth owning his entire run simply for his pencils, which were on full display here. If you want a graded copy of UXM #221, you’ll want to get moving. Prices have been inching upward as of late, with the 9.8 climbing further into $300-$400 territory.


Batman Adventures 12 featuring Harley Quinn

Finally, we have a DC title making today’s list. Rounding out the movers and shakers this week is Harley Quinn, one character we are certain is going to get the star treatment in the James Gunn era of the DCU. Not only is Lady Gaga bringing her singing voice to life in The Joker sequel, but Gunn has been vocal about his adoration for Margot Robbie’s acting prowess. Put it together, and he almost certainly sees her as a pivotal character in the future DCU.

Naturally, buyers took to eBay to track down Harley’s first comic appearance in The Batman Adventures #12. Famously, this kid’s comic was a tie-in to the beloved Batman: The Animated Series. At the time, not many collectors thought much about this issue. Although she was popular in the cartoon, few could have predicted the impact she would have in the main DC comics continuity. That also helps explain the lofty prices for the higher grades, being that it wasn’t an issue being snatched off the shelves when it was initially released. Lesson learned, kids: You can’t afford to overlook anything.

Last year, the graded 9.8 averaged over $3k. Like practically everything else on the market, it’s not equaling those values, but it has sold for as much as $2,800 in the past couple of weeks.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.