We have recently heard over the last few weeks that Marvel’s “Blade” project has lost its Director. This news has, unfortunately, arrived just weeks from the start of production and will likely have a ripple effect, knocking everything back within the MCU by months. It is said that Award Winning Actor Mahershala Ali is growing frustrated with the project. (Likely due to the delays and him having to turn down new opportunities.) But also that only a 90-page script has been written thus far…

Blade in the MCU


This Project was announced to us, with Ali presented as Blade THREE YEARS AGO! To only have a 90-page script, which apparently has two very lackluster action scenes, is atrocious.

When we think of Disney and the MCU we think of GREATNESS! The first Three Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go down in film history as one of the Greatest Achievements in the Industry. But now, with Phase Four, we can see the cracks begin to form.

Now, to be fair, we have had some greats within this phase. We’ve had Wandavision, Shang-Chi, No Way Home -  there have genuinely been some good ideas thrown about.

But is it good enough?

Blade in the MCU

The MCU used to put out one maybe two films per year, and it worked. Kevin Feige had a handle on all projects and was able to steer things in the right direction whenever they reared off track, giving us one concise story in a Universe we all could back.

But now, in Phase Four, with so many projects on the go at once? Kevin Feige cannot maintain control. And we fans are starting to notice.

So what can Marvel do to correct this? How can we get Blade back on track in the MCU?

Well, it won’t be easy and it's, unfortunately, going to take some time... But it can happen.

Blade in the MCU

Blade is a very well-established character within the Marvel Comic Book Universe and as such, has had many different interactions with various characters (many of whom we all already love).

But even without the already established connections and stories, the MCU itself has its own guarantee for a successful introduction: THE SNAP!

Think about it...
When the Avengers lost the battle of Wakanda and Thanos snapped away half the universe, he did so with a specific focus on half of living things.

Meaning, (Morbius the LIVING vampire aside) that all Vampires across the world instantly had their food source halved!

This to me is the perfect way to introduce Vampires to the MCU! With their food source instantly halved, the vampires' secret world would begin to unravel.

We could explore how they coped with this new situation and what they needed to do in order to survive.

  • Did the elders order their offspring to thin out their numbers by killing their own?
  • Did Human Farming become a primary focus?
    - I mean, with so many people vanishing, what’s a few more, taken by the Undead?

All this would propel a character like Blade into action, forcing him to make himself known to others, recruiting them for the Fight.

Blade in the MCU

This idea/plot, to me, makes the most sense for a Blade entry point in the MCU. After all, you can be a powerhouse like Disney with all the money and influence in the world. You can cast BIG name award-winning stars.

But without a good script? Without a strong concept? You have nothing.

Set the first Blade movie in the recent past and show us a world immediately post-Snap, ruled and governed by the undead. After all, EVERYONE and ANYONE in power can be a Vampire. Or be turned into one…

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