InvincibleIronManAnnual_01_Cover.jpgMedia Release -- What is the true story behind Iron Man's greatest enemy, the Mandarin? Find out in the double-sized Invincible Iron Man Annual #1, from award-winning superstar writer Matt Fraction and fan favorite artist Carmine Di Giandomenico, available in both comic shops and through the Marvel Comics app on the same day! Fans can purchase the entire 80 page issue at their local comic retailer or purchase it on the Marvel Comics app, with all three chapters available the day the issue hits stores.

"We're pleased to offer readers two options to experience Matt Fraction's absolutely thrilling work on Invincible Iron Man," said David Gabriel, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Circulation. "Fans going to their local comic store can pick up the entire Invincible Iron Man Annual at a low price that day or all three chapters through the Marvel Comics app."

The true story of the Mandarin is finally revealed and Iron Man's world will never be the same! Don't miss Invincible Iron Man Annual #1, on-sale in comic stores and on the Marvel Comics app on June 30th!