Issue #8 of PETER PANZERFAUST gets reprintedMedia Release -- After stories appeared in USA Today and The Huffington Post about the Image/Shadowline comic PETER PANZERFAUST, many more people discovered what dedicated readers already knew: The World War II take on J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan by Kurtis J. Wiebe (GREEN WAKE, DEBRIS) and Tyler Jenkins is heartfelt, exciting, and well worth reading every month.

Now PETER PANZERFAUST #8, which marks the first appearance of the series' Captain Hook — Kapitan Haken — is receiving a second printing after selling out. The second printing (DEC128222), featuring a new cover by Jenkins, will be in stores on February 27, 2013. It can be pre-ordered from comic book stores until February 4.

In PETER PANZERFAUST, Peter, the Lost Boys, and Wendy are members of the French Resistance, seeking to undermine the Nazi invasion. Throughout the series, Peter has been joined by the analogs for iconic Peter Pan characters, including the dog Nana and the brave resistance fighter Tiger Lily. Haken's appearance on the scene — with hook hand and all — marks a turning point in the series and of Peter's character arc.

In the interview at USA Today, Wiebe said of Peter and Hook: "They will never be ordinary men. Peter and Hook are connected by a type of destiny, a fate that falls on the shoulders of great men."

IGN called PETER PANZERFAUST #8 the "strongest issue of Peter Panzerfaust yet" and commenting, "the storytelling here is impeccable." In a review of #8, Multiversity Comics praised PETER PANZERFAUST as "a thoughtful, dark, heartening and terrifying adventure, as well as a unique twist on a mythology that many of us have grown up with."

PETER PANZERFAUST #9 will be in stores on February 13. A trade paperback collection of the first five issues of the series, PETER PANZERFAUST: Volume One: THE GREAT ESCAPE is available now, and the second volume, HOOKED, collecting issues #6 -10, will be in stores in March.