Hex_Lana.jpgMedia Release -- From the mind of Keu Cha comes a fantasy unheard off. Join Keu Cha this October as he uncovers a once great land, now steeped in darkness and decay. A vast legion of undead soldiers, amassed from the remains of generations before, ravage the land. They are lorded over by an ambitious necromancer who will not stop short of domination over that is known.

LANA, princess of the last Kingdom to fall before this unholy army, must flee her home and travel into the black heart of the growing necropolis that the rest of the realm has become. Out there amongst the ruin lies perhaps the only chance for the world's salvation: the mythical, mysterious Lost Tribe, a forgotten band of powerful woman warriors and their beastly companions.

Lana will come face-to-face with RUYN, the monster that has long haunted her dreams, a being consumed by his own uncontrollable rage. Does this creature hold the key to saving Lana's people or will their encounter unleash an ancient evil capable of destroy creation itself?

HEX THE LOST TRIBE will be published this Fall via Image Comics and Keu Cha invites you to join his and Lana's adventure for this multi-issued series.

Keu Cha received his big break into comics at Top Cow Productions as a background artist and an artist on Darkchylde. Eventually Keu Cha debuted as penciller on Rising Stars. After his stint on Rising Stars, Keu pencilled the top-selling titles Witchblade, Tombraider and Darkness. He was named a top ten artist of the month by Wizard in December 1999. Keu then took an extended hiatus from comics to work in the movie poster and video game advertising industry. He art directed the poster finishes for such movies as Hulk, American Gangster, Repo Men and Pacific and created the keyart for video games such as Wanted and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Lately he has been painting Top Cow's Magdalena but he has been developing his first creator owned title, Hex: The Lost Tribe, for the past year as well and is thrilled that it will be coming out soon. It marks his return to comic books and fantasy art, his roots and his true passion.