Comic investing is a gamble, and the bets don't always pay off. As collectors, sometimes we get caught up in the excitement and don't want to miss out on what could be the next huge payday, and we pay too much. It happens to all of us, so don't beat yourself up. Things could be worse; someone out there spent $2,000 on Here's Negan.  That guy should go ahead and beat himself up.


The Walking Dead television series has been on the air for nearly a decade. With its popularity, zombies have infiltrated every part of pop culture. In the comic world, however, it seems collectors have gotten their fill of TWD.

Released last year to commemorate the 14th anniversary of TWD's comic series, TWD: Here's Negan gave a complete backstory for the series' popular villain. Initially, high grades of the collection brought equally high prices. The first sale of a 9.8 back in August brought $2,000. With September came another four-figure sale, this time $1,399. After that, the price progressively began to fall, but it still was consistently reaching prices in the $500 range. By the end of the year, it averaged a solid $620. That's where the good news ends.

If you happened to be the guy who paid $2K for TWD: Here's Negan, you may want pop a Xanax at this point. Thus far in 2018, it's still been a decent seller as 22 CGC 9.8s have changed hands on eBay. However, it's plummeted to an average of $285, selling for as low as $171 and no more than $450.

On the plus side, if you've been in the market for your very own copy, now would be a great time to buy, but don't expect to flip it for a sizable profit.


Before the truly awful Inhumans television show, this was a hot comic to have. In 2015, a 8.0 brought an astounding $2,400. In fact, between 2014-2017, FF #45 had high sales of at least $1,200 each year. Even a 7.5 was bringing highs in the $1,200 range in 2014 and 2015 (just for comparison, you could have gotten a 7.5 for $193 in 2013). Then came the show.

These days, FF #45 has become the albatross of the collector's market. That CGC 8.0 that averaged over $1K in 2016? By the end of last year, its average dropped to $894. The new year hasn't renewed that old enthusiasm for the Inhumans. So far, the 8.0s have sold eight times, and the average is down to $839. If you paid that $2,400 price three years ago, this will make you nauseous: the 90-day average for an FF #45 at an 8.0 is $764 - less than half of what you paid.

All is not lost when it comes to anything Marvel. Sure, they dropped the ball with the Inhumans' small screen debut. However, there is the upcoming Death of the Inhumans on the horizon. Having Donny Cates' name attached to that series will boost sales, plus Cates has teased it as being brutal, so this will be popular. That increased interest in the Inhumans may help boost those sale prices, but I can't see them cracking the $1K mark for an 8.0.