It's been a year since Part 1, which means all the Disney-Marvel variant covers have been released, and Mickey Mouse is in the public domain.

To commemorate Disney's 100th-year anniversary, Marvel ran a year-long program where we got to see our favourite Disney characters alongside or reimagined as Marvel's superheroes and villains. These comics were open order at your local comic shop plus the incentive variants, special versions given to shops that order a certain number of comics (ex 1:10, 1:25, 1:50, and 1:100).

Fun fact - As of January 2024, the copyright for Mickey Mouse ended, and he entered the public domain. However, only the Steamboat Willie version is free to use. Notable differences include the black oval eyes and lack of white gloves.

Disney's 100th Anniversary Celebration

Amazing Spider-Man #29, Sketch 1:100 Variant, and Captain Marvel #1

Giada Perissonotto models Minnie Mouse after a 2014 Carol Danvers Captain Marvel.

Amazing Spider-man #29 (Perissonotto Disney100 Var)

Amazing Spider-man #29 (Perissinotto Sketch Cover)

Captain Marvel #1

Amazing Spider-Man #32, Sketch 1:100 Variant, and Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Land Variant

Giada Perissonotto imagines Daisy Duck as Spider-Gwen from her first appearance in the Edge of Spider-Verse #2, a modern grail comparable to the first appearance of Miles Morales in the Ultimate Fallout #4 (see Completionist Guide). However, this is based on the Greg Land variant, which is more expensive than the regular cover.

Amazing Spider-Man #32 (Perissonotto Disney100 Var)

Marvel Comics's The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 32h

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (Land Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #33, Sketch 1:100 Variant, and Ms Marvel #1

This time Giada Perissonotto models Daisy Duck on a different Ms Marvel; Kamala Khan in her first solo series.

Amazing Spider-man #33 (Perissonotto Disney100 Ms Marvel Var)

Amazing Spider-man #33 (Perissinotto Sketch Cover)

Ms Marvel #1

Amazing Spider-Man #35, Sketch 1:100 Variant, and Amazing Spider-Man #300

This one really needs no introduction: a truly iconic cover by Todd MacFarlane combined with the first full appearance of Venom on top of Spider-Man's 25th anniversary. Claudio Sciarrone adds to the long list of Amazing Spider-Man homages.

Amazing Spider-man #35 (Claudio Sciarrone Disney100 Var)

Amazing Spider-man #35 (Sciarrone Sketch Cover)

Amazing Spider-Man #300

Amazing Spider-Man #37, Sketch 1:100 Variant, and Secret Wars #1

Paolo De Lorenzi's cover sees multiple Disney characters as Marvel superheroes in the Secret Wars #1 homage. With Phase 5 of Marvel's Cinematic Universe increasingly dealing with the multiverse and intergalactic threats, many fans speculate we'll be going into the Secret Wars storyline which could be potentially bigger than Endgame!

Amazing Spider-man #37 (De Lorenzi Disney100 Secret War Var)

Amazing Spider-man #37 (De Lorenzi Sketch Cover)

Hasbro / Secret Wars #1

Amazing Spider-Man #39, Sketch 1:100 Variant, and X-Men #1

Vitale Mangiatordi homages one of Jim Lee's classic four X-Men #1 covers. A timely last cover, given the X-Men '97 show is back.

Amazing Spider-man #39 (Mangiatordi Disney100 X-Men Variant)

Amazing Spider-man #39 (Mangiatordi Sketch Cover)

X-Men #1 (Wolverine and Cyclops Variant)

Want More?

If these comics weren't enough to satisfy your Disneyana bug, you could have also ordered a 40-inch platinum edition MasterCrafts' statue of Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, or Stich (from Lilo and Stich) for nearly $7,000 (each)!


Speaking of expensive, here's an update on Humberto Ramos' 2019 D23 Marvel Comics #1000 and 2023 D23 Amazing Fantasy #1000 A / 2022 D23 Amazing Fantasy #1000 B. These comics were given

Marvel Comics #1000 (D23 Expo Edition)

Amazing Fantasy #1000 (D23 Expo Edition A)

Amazing Fantasy #1000 (D23 Expo Edition B)

Raws and CGC 2019 comics have held going for around $200 to $250 and $350 to $400, respectively. In January 2024, a CGC 9.8 even sold for as high as $600 on eBay. The 2022 comics have fluxed, initially surpassing the 2019 issue and each selling for $300+ raw. However, sales data is a little unclear as many copies were signed, often signed by multiple people. They have sold for as low as $150 each. In January 2024, a pair of 2022 A & B CGC 9.8 triple signed sold for a best offer from an initial listing of $1,500 on eBay. This is an interesting sale as though many copies were signed; most were not CGC witnessed and graded, getting the coveted yellow slab. This is no longer a problem with CGC's acquisition of JSA and its signature authentication program.

The Sketch Variant of 2022 D23 Amazing Fantasy #1000 B sold for $5,000 AU on eBay in October 2023. A reminder that these were limited to 30 total copies and were personally given to fans by Marvel's editors C.B. Cebulski and Nick Lowe. Actual picture from the listings.

Also, in October 2023, a CGC 9.6 sold on ComicLink for $3,016 USD.

A CGC 9.8 was listed on eBay for $8,000 USD but went unsold and is no longer listed.


Which of these is your favourite? Did you get all 12 Disney100 covers or even a sketch variant?

Given the rarity, I find it interesting that 3 copies of the 2022 B Sketch Variant were publicly offered, yet there hasn't even been a listing for the 2019 or 2022 A Sketch Variants. What do you think they would go for if listed? Let us know in the comments.