"The mutants are coming, the mutants are coming!" No, I am not writing about the cherished X-Men. According to several media posts, there appears to be an attempt to quantify the mutant existence in the MCU with villains. These characters will flesh out the existence of mutants and the madness they create in the Marvel Universe. According to media vloggers, the upcoming series Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to have some rather interesting mutant characters debut on that show. This will fill in the Marvel TV series landscape with the first known mutant super beings. According to this strain of logic, it will prep the eventual appearance of Weapon X and potentially the X-Men. One can only hope they find an adequate Wolverine. Hugh Jackman will be sorely missed. Who are a few of these mutants that will menace the MCU?




X-Men #5

What character is resistant to damage, has heightened physical reflexes, strength, speed, agility, is a mutant, a killer, has adamantium like appendages, and an insatiable appetite for destruction? No, we are not talking about Wolverine! Good ole Wolverine is an anti-hero not a killer by choice. Think Russia, think red, think killer pheromones and yep you end up with Omega Red. I decided to review his second appearance here with X-Men #5 and a just slightly awesome cover by none other than Jim Lee. This comic book was created by Jim Lee, John Byrne (script), Lee (pencils) and the inks of Scott Willaims and team, in 1992. How has this book been doing in the short-term?






X-Men #5

Title Grade Cost Return
X-Men #5 9.8 $88 +44%
" 9.6 $49 +14.10%
" 9.4 $30 -11%
X-Men #5 Long-Term 9.2 $85 +172%


Obviously, the news is catching on about Omega Red appearing in the Falcon and Winter Soldier storyline at some point. He would be the perfect villain for those two superheroes. He is deadly scary, has cool destructive powers, but is not invincible and can be stopped by our two erstwhile heroes. His Carbonadium tentacles would play well in a frightful situation before they reveal him as the uber-villain. Purely a testosterone thrill-horror type adventure to be sure. However, I like this matchup. The social media machine seems to be pushing Omega Red as the beginning of an interesting MCU mutant world for superheroes to explore, and fight!

Avengers Annual #10

Speaking of mutants, the first X-men to debut in the MCU and one of the most interesting mutants ever will be Rogue. Apparently, her part is to be the villain in Captain Marvel 2. This makes an interesting matchup and having a powerful X-Men character take on Captain Marvel should be fun to watch.

Mutant madness has just begun, expect more of these types of Modern Age superheroes to line up on the mutant assembly line aimed directly at the MCU and more specifically targeting Disney+ channel. Returns favor this annual to be sure with it in the top three during January and now fallen to #8 most popular comic per GoCollect. The numbers for this book are stellar, almost "Power Cosmic" (little foreshadowing here). Avengers Annual #10 has returned +60% over the last six months in grade 9.8. Further, the top return long-term is +126% in lowly grade 6.0. The fact that lower grades are participating is encouraging even sicker. All this for a comic book that humiliates Captain America on the cover, "By all that is holy, say it isn't so, Cap gets beat!"




Mutants are definitely money makers, and X-Men #5 is dirt cheap. Also, it should be noted it has a better cover than X-Men #4 the first appearance of Omega Red and is his first cover appearance. I think he is going to be an outstanding villain and perfect to launch a new series like Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The mutants my friends, are here to stay...